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Louis Gerard Saliot | Living legend of Fiji tourism! (EAM Group)


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The main brain behind today’s glorious days is the living legend called Louis Gerard Saliot. There are also museums where one can find rich history preserved. So many things are there in this island country to explore that one can consider it as touristy heaven on earth!

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Louis Gerard Saliot | Living legend of Fiji tourism! (EAM Group)

  1. 1. Mr. Louis Gerard Saliot is the CEO & President at Euro Asia Management Group Ltd and Asia Pacific Resort International Ltd.
  2. 2.  People get holiday from their office to enjoy and relax with the family or friends. But most of the people end up in boring destination to spend their holiday. Are you looking for an exciting holiday destination in the Asia? Fiji islands are one of the most popular destinations for the tourists around the world for their scenic beauties and amusing activities. Earlier, islands were not as suitable for the tourists as there were little facilities and resorts available. Louis Gerard Saliot has worked tirelessly to beautify the country to attract tourists. He is called the pioneer of the Fiji tourism industry for its role and mentoring its promotion in the world.
  3. 3.  Fiji is situated in the heart of the Pacific Ocean with an archipelago of 333 islands. Most of the islands are submerged and only 110 are suitable for habitation. Barren and submerged islands have been converted into beautiful places for tourists. There are plenty of water activities for the tourists like swimming, yatch riding and jet boat riding. Snorkeling and deep sea diving is done to see the colorful soft coral reefs present in the sea bed. Scuba diving is done by the tourists to see the sea creatures present in the reefs. Colorful plants and animals are found in the reefs which is treats for the nature lovers. One can go for the river rafting, surfing and Game fishing is the high tide sea of the islands.
  4. 4.  There are many resorts which are ideal for the tourists to rest after the tiring adventurous activities. There are cheap hotel and restaurants for the tourists to eat continental food. Party freaks can enjoy in the famous bars found in the country. Gerard Saliot has made these facilities available for the tourists to attract them. It is generally a poor country with mere source of tourism to improve the economic condition. People visiting there can relax and enjoy in the beaches which last forever in your memories.
  5. 5.  Head Office  15 Hoe Chiang Road,  12-02 Tower Fifteen,  Singapore 089316  Fax +65 6396 6439 