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Your Journey to Optimized IT with Hybrid Cloud


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It is on a journey to optimize IT using modern technologies. Despite all the benefits of public cloud, it is not the right solution for everything. Rather than force-fitting applications to a specific technology, IT should understand the business and technology requirements of each application to deploy in the right infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud offers the benefits of public and private clouds and the advantages of dedicated (physical) devices in a combination that could be the next evolution of cloud.

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Your Journey to Optimized IT with Hybrid Cloud

  1. 1. RECALCULATING Your Route to Hybrid Cloud The Best Fit for your Applications RACKSPACE |
  2. 2. KEY TAKEAWAYS 1. Responding to Business Needs Faster 2. Save Money and get better performance 3. Stay secure and compliant 4. Be ready for the Future
  3. 3. We are all on a Journey
  4. 4. • To Get Out of the Datacenter Business • To Optimize Resources • To Deploy a New Applications • To Make IT More Strategic • Etc. Your Destination
  5. 5. There are many ways to get there. Which route will you take?
  6. 6. Cloud Is the Future for Everything
  7. 7. Cloud Is the Future for Everything
  8. 8. Beware of the Shiny Object Syndrome Don’t start with a technology as the answer
  9. 9. All technologies have trade-offs (even public clouds) Enhanced Security Higher Performance Control Per Unit Cost Utility Billing Provisioning Speed MUTLI-TENANT & GENERALIZED SINGLE TENANT & SPECIALIZED PUBLIC PRIVATE DEDICATED Control Customization Security Per Unit Cost Utility Billing Provisioning Speed
  10. 10. Technology is a tool. Use the right tool for the job. Zipcar No monthly commitment Pay as you go Drive as little or as much as you want Starts at $7.75/hr Gas included $12.75/Hr Avis Pay per day Weekly rates Limited car choices Insurance optional Gas $8/Gal or BYO $713/Week Ford Lease $3250 due at signing + deposit, taxes & fees 39 month commitment Limited mileage $245/mo Purchase No mileage limits Choice of colors and sub-models Residual value Maintenance not included $22,595. + TTL MUTLI-TENANT & GENERALIZED SINGLE TENANT & SPECIALIZED Lower initial cost Utility billing - Pay as You Go Shared Resources Limited Choice OpEx Lower cost long-term for continuous use No mileage or additional fees Single Tenant – Full control Choices and customization CapEx
  11. 11.  High Performance Dedicated Server with 32 cores and 1.5 Tb of Memory  Dedicated SAN on SSD media  Cisco ASA-X Physical Firewall  Cloud Servers provisioned dynamically in minutes via API  Images and Videos on Cloud Files delivered globally via CDN  Cloud Load Balancer handles traffic between cloud and dedicated resources PUBLIC CLOUD DEDICATED Each technology model offers attractive tools – a few examples:
  12. 12. Start with Your Applications And their requirements  Performance  Security and Compliance  Scalability  Economics  Etc.
  13. 13. What if…. You could get all the benefits of these models and minimize tradeoffs?
  14. 14. That’s exactly what you get with a Hybrid Cloud ““Hybrid IT is the new IT and it is here to stay… it will force an IT and business paradigm shift for years to come.“ -Chris Howard, Managing VP
  15. 15. MUTLI-TENANT & GENERALIZED SINGLE TENANT & SPECIALIZED •Servers, storage, networking and platform services •Instantly available •Priced per hour •Custom private cloud •Powered by OpenStack •Hosted at your data center or at Rackspace •Physical servers, networking devices and storage •Built to specifications •Bare metal or virtualized PUBLIC CLOUD PRIVATE CLOUD DEDICATED SERVERS The right fit for your application.
  16. 16. "Hybrid is the end-state. A lot of people say ‘the end state is cloud’ I don’t buy that at all… It is about creating the right architecture to support the application and the evolution of the application over time.” -James Staten, VP & Principal Analyst Forrester Research
  17. 17. Flexibility is a must Things will change. • Scalability • Business requirements • New technologies • Mergers & Acquisitions • Etc.
  18. 18. 19 On Prem APP API-driven, dynamically provisioned hardware (software controls infrastructure) Re-writing app to make it cloud aware is time and resource intensive Skills gap must be considered Taking a Big Leap to Cloud Enable Applications PUBLIC/PRIVATE CLOUD PUBLIC CLOUD On Prem APP Lift and drop components to bare metal hosted Move components to cloud over time, starting with media/CDN, backups, web tiers, etc. VPN VPN Right Fit Evolution – No Dead Ends DEDICATED, VIRTUALIZED
  19. 19. Some organizations already on a Hybrid Cloud track
  20. 20. Hybrid Clouds Are Delivering Real Results Today “One key thing that attracted us to Rackspace: I can have Hybrid Cloud. I can connect my private cloud to public cloud for performance and security. Chris Blandy, SVP Digital Media “For us, a hybrid cloud is the best of both worlds. It delivers on its promise of improved performance and scalability of the cloud while empowering us to keep our high-performance apps that need to scale vertically on managed hardware.” Matt McClure, Vice President, Chief Architect “We achieved four times the efficiency for half the cost. You can do the math.” Jim O’Neill, CIO
  21. 21. HubSpot Outgrew the Public Cloud Marketing Software Platform Pioneer helping 8,500 companies in 46 countries MUTLI-TENANT & GENERALIZED SINGLE TENANT & SPECIALIZED • Continuous integration + deployment • 2,000 code deploys/week • Massive data analytics on Hadoop • Cutting-edge software + infrastructure • Wanted to be fully open Applications, Web, Database, Hadoop UNSTABLE DATABASE OVER PROVISIONED UNNECESSARY COMPLEXITY LOCKED-IN Public cloud
  22. 22. The Hybrid Cloud Delivers Optimization MUTLI-TENANT & GENERALIZED SINGLE TENANT & SPECIALIZED  4X the efficiency  Half the cost + OpenStack HubSpot’s Hybrid Cloud The Right Fit for Every Application Web Web Rackspace Public Cloud App Rackspace Private Cloud Direct Connect Hadoop Cluster Rackspace Dedicated (150 servers)  Increased stability  Happy developers Public cloud
  23. 23. • Customer started with a single physical server and a new business idea. • As their business became popular they required more capacity for both storage and delivery of media content. • The business has grown to support more than a million users, regularly handling 100M page views per month High-Growth Media Company Media App Rackspace Dedicated (1 server) KEEP UP WITH GROWTH MAINTAIN PERFORMANCE ACCELERATE INNOVATION ACQUISITION
  24. 24. • Single Vendor, 24/7 support • 100M page views per month / over 1 million users • Right place for the right apps • Business Flexibility/Scalability Enabling the Business to Grow MUTLI-TENANT & GENERALIZED SINGLE TENANT & SPECIALIZED Web / MongoDB Rackspace Public Cloud (over 100 servers / 10TB) Application Rackspace Private Cloud Virtualized MySQL Database Network Security Rackspace Dedicated
  25. 25. • Massive Storage and Security Needs. • Unable to scale, their database performance maxed out their hardware capabilities and technical know how. • Suffering performance problems and end-user frustration due to latency. Social Media / Mobile Startup Web Applications, Database. LATENCY PROBLEMS DB PERFORMANCE TECHNICAL KNOW-HOW FAST GROWTH Public cloud
  26. 26. • 2-3X I/O improvements • 2-3X failure response times • 24/7 Support • Right app, right place • Portfolio flexibility • Horizontal and vertical scaling • Improved Security due to dedicated network devices Performance and Cost Savings MUTLI-TENANT & GENERALIZED SINGLE TENANT & SPECIALIZED Web & caching Rackspace Public Cloud Database and Networking Rackspace Dedicated
  27. 27. IN SUMMARY 1. Start with your application requirements not with a technology answer. 2. Hybrid can give you the best of both worlds. 3. Be ready for how your business will require applications to evolve over time.
  28. 28. RACKSPACE | What Makes Rackspace Different Trusted,committed experts to help architect and run your application hosting platform FANATICAL SUPPORT® Created OpenStack to power the Hybrid Cloud and to give you flexibility to run your apps whereyou want OPEN TECHNOLOGIES Best-fit architecture for your application and business needs for today and the future HYBRID CLOUD DEDICATED PUBLIC PRIVATE
  29. 29. RACKSPACE | Getting Started Get Started Today Signup for public, private or dedicated and then add options to meet your needs Public Cloud Sign up for a cloud account and start using the public cloud in minutes, Private Cloud Download free software to run your private cloud in your datacenter or at Rackspace. Dedicated Get started with a dedicated server in as little as 48 Hrs from $499. Evaluate the Right Fit for your App Get guidance for a specific application or workload Rackspace Hybrid Advisor We can discuss the performance, compliance, economic and other specific requirements of an application or workload to provide you a recommendation of what is the best fit based on our experience. Let Our Experts Guide You Rackspace Enterprise Cloud Services will work with you to chart your path to hybrid cloud during a custom workshop IT Evolution Workshop • Business objective definition • Vision & strategy development • 3-5 year roadmap planning • Technology education • Business case development Application Profiling Workshop  Identify quick wins for hybrid cloud  Understand the levels of complexity & risk involved in re-engineering  Identify the best platform or the right hybrid approach for each LEARN MORE ABOUT ENTERPRISE CLOUD SERVICES
  30. 30. Thank You. Safe Travels Enjoy the Journey @gerardodada