Crossroads Dream


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Crossroads Dream

  1. 1. our vision
  2. 2. <ul><li>“ To build a dynamic Christian community that attracts people to Christ, draws them deeply into discipleship and equips them to serve God in the world.” </li></ul>o u r v i s i o n . . .
  3. 3. <ul><li>We exist: </li></ul><ul><li>for worship (to EXALT God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit); </li></ul><ul><li>for community (to ESTABLISH people in an authentic community of followers of Jesus Christ); </li></ul><ul><li>for discipleship (to EQUIP believers to live fruitful lives of purpose and service and </li></ul><ul><li>for mission (to EXTEND God's Kingdom in Amsterdam, in The Netherlands, in Europe and in the world.) </li></ul>o u r p u r p o s e . . .
  4. 4. an international community ... a worshipping community ...a learning community ... a community of communities ... a community of prayer ...a connected community ... our dream
  5. 5. o u r d r e a m . . .1 we dream of an international Christian community of several thousand people in the city and region of Amsterdam, using ‘world English’ as a common language but drawing people from a wide array of backgrounds and cultures. We see many people coming to faith in Christ and finding purpose for their lives in following him. We see relationships established and sustained across cultural boundaries; we see a faith that is effectively communicated in the context of post-modern, post-Christendom Europe. things we are longing to see come to pass
  6. 6. o u r d r e a m . . .2 we dream of a worshipping community ; that helps people of all ages to discover and enjoy a dynamic relationship with God in Christ and leads them ever deeper in their intimacy with Him. We see adults, young people and children finding and expressing their unique place in the family of God. We see expressions of worship that are diverse and colourful, allowing many different people to find their voice in the celebration of God’s prismatic beauty and grace. things we are longing to see come to pass
  7. 7. o u r d r e a m . . .3 we dream of a learning community , through which people of all ages find their calling and purpose in serving God in His world, and engage ever more fully with His mission in all its forms. We see opportunities for adults, young people and children to discover and explore God’s mission in the Amsterdam area, in the Netherlands, in Europe and in the world, and to participate in it according to their calling and gifts. We see members of our community finding their ‘right place’ in God’s plans: influencing our culture; blessing others; serving the troubled and the poor. things we are longing to see come to pass
  8. 8. o u r d r e a m . . .4 we dream of a ‘community of communities’ : a network of small-scale discipleship groups complemented by larger gatherings for public worship. We see public worship activities that remain open and accessible to non-believers, engaging with people at all stages of faith, and locally-based groups that offer real opportunities for personal growth and faith development. We see people invited into relationships that are deep, authentic, nurturing and strong. We see groups that share friendship; share meals and share life together and support one another in their growth in Christ. things we are longing to see come to pass
  9. 9. o u r d r e a m . . .5 we dream of a community of prayer , through which people of all ages are empowered to seek God’s transformation for their own lives, for the needs of others and for the world. We see 24/7 prayer rooms and other prayer ‘activities’ being as the backbone and engine room of all that the community is and does. We see people of all ages growing in the spiritual disciplines and discovering the joy of bold, adventurous and life-giving prayer. things we are longing to see come to pass
  10. 10. o u r d r e a m . . .6 we dream of a connected community ; a body that takes its place alongside the other Christian communities of the city and region: learning from each other; complementing one another; working and praying together and investing in relationship. We see a growing network of relationships with other international churches also working in ‘Third Culture’ settings around the world through English language ministry; learning from good practice elsewhere and sharing resources with others. things we are longing to see come to pass
  11. 11. our vision