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Edusummit2013 mobile learning


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Presentation constructed by: Rowland Baker
Joerg Draeger, Rhonda Christensen, Barry Quinn, Cathie Norris, Elliot Soloway, Paula White, Ferial Khaddage, Wing Lai, Gerard Dummer, Rivka Wadmany, Nicos Valanides and
Bram Bruggeman about mobile technology

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Edusummit2013 mobile learning

  1. 1. Group # 2 Advancing Mobile Learning
  2. 2. Due to the Urgency Brought on by Mobile Technologies… • We need to: – develop criteria for identifying the best practices and models of mobile learning… – Example criteria: • • • • Evidence-based Culturally sensitive Curricular centered Will allow for new ways of teaching and learning that implies pedagogical changes • Can be utilized for formal and informal • Allow for student directed learning • Flexible and Scalable
  3. 3. Mobile Technologies • Example best practices and models should incorporate: – – – – cross platform & interface design issues New and emerging pedagogies Student quality of learning outcomes Educator preparation (Pre-service and in-service)
  4. 4. Due to the Urgency Brought on by Mobile Technologies… • Develop methods of deployment of the models and best practices • (Group 2 would like to suggest to use a PLC like Google +, where we can continue our EDUsummIT work in the area of sharing and deployment)