Lean start up presentation preparing a pitch for investors 2013 04 26


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Lean start up presentation preparing a pitch for investors 2013 04 26

  1. 1. Preparing a Pitch for InvestorsThis is your stage and you have todirect the performance.....If the audience doesn’t get itYou are Done!
  2. 2. Who is your Audience?
  3. 3. 7 Steps To A Winning Pitch1. Preparation is key2. First Impressions matter3. Embrace brevity4. Know your numbers5. Conduct market research6. Be enthusiastic but professional7. Practise makes perfect
  4. 4. TOOOOO Short .... No wayJust too short on content• I have been a member of MLA’s SelectionCommittee for three years and > 80% ofpresenters run out of time• A Perfect round number is ten slides• With the right content you can present in 15 ‘• If you can’t explain your business to a nineyear old, you won’t be able to explain it to aninvestor
  5. 5. RecommendedTen SlidesFor aPitch
  6. 6. Market Need and Solution• Define the problem or the market need, andoutline your solution. Give “the elevatorpitch” for your start-up
  7. 7. Company and Business Model• Name of the Company and Organization• Products or services• How you will make money• Who pays you• Gross Margin
  8. 8. Product & Technology• Define the technology behind your product orservices (past, present and futuredevelopment phases).• Make sure you communicate the relevance ofyour product/services to market needs.• Describe your technology patents and “secretsauce”.
  9. 9. Industry & Market Sizing• Define the characteristics of the overallindustry, market forces, market dynamics andcustomer landscape.• The investor needs to understand the industryof your company.• Use third party data.
  10. 10. Marketing, Sales and Partners• Describe marketing strategy, sales plan,pricing and partnership plans.• Here is also a good place for a rollout timelinewith key milestones.
  11. 11. Competition and CompetitiveAdvantage• List and describe your competition.• Describe some of your company’s competitiveadvantages.
  12. 12. Management Team• Qualifications and roles of the top threeexecutives and top three on your Board ofAdvisors
  13. 13. Funding Requirements andUse of Funds• How much money (if any) has managementput into the venture? (not sweat equity)• What is the level of capital funding soughtduring this stage?• What is the company willing to give in returnfor the investment?
  14. 14. Financial Forecasts and Metrics• Project both revenues and expense totals fornext three years, and past three years.• What is the current valuation of the company?• Show breakdown and growth assumptions• No Hockey Stick graphs please!
  15. 15. Exit Strategy• What is the timeframe of Return onInvestment?• What is the planned exit strategy?• What is the timeframe for the exit?• What is the rate of return expected for theinvestor?
  16. 16. Gerard Buckley, BBA, FICB, ICD.DPresident and CEOJaguar Capital Inc.(C) 416-884-9522(W) 416-646-6789g.buckley@jaguarcapital.cawww.jaguarcapital.ca@jaguarcapital@gerardbuckley