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Jaguar Capital Your Innovation, Finance and Governance Specialist


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At Jaguar Capital we Advise growth stage companies in the areas of Governance, Financial Management, and Strategy. We help great entrepreneurs scale their business through creating solid governance practices, and implementing financial management and strategic policies in order to innovate and create change in the world.

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Jaguar Capital Your Innovation, Finance and Governance Specialist

  1. 1. S “ An Introduction to Jaguar Capital ” Experience. Governance - Financial Management - Strategy Integrity. Trust.
  2. 2. 2 Real World Gerard Buckley @jaguarcapital @gerardbuckley Bus: 416-645-6695 Experience and Expertise S Founder & CEO of Jaguar Capital an Advisory Practice for Growth Companies in Governance, Financial Management & Strategy S Past - Chairperson of Board of Directors, Maple Leaf Angels Corporation & founder and Lead Director for Maple Leaf Angels Capital Corporation, the General Partner of MLA48LP1 a Pre-Seed Angel Fund. S Certified Corporate Director - The Institute of Corporate Directors and Certified Management Consultant – Canadian Association of Management Consultants S Past member of Small & Medium Enterprise Committee of The Ontario Securities Commission S Investment Committee of Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, NS S 32 yr. Career with Scotia Capital as a Financial Risk Management Advisor to Fortune 200 Companies: Rogers, Irving Group, Empire Co., Four Seasons, Bruce Power, OPG, Province of Ontario, Ford etc.
  3. 3. Mission To be a Trusted Advisor and Visible Expert to Companies for our Core Competencies Culture Experience Integrity Trust Vision To Grow a Canadian Based Internationally Comprehensive Advisory Practise Focused on Growth Companies Who is Jaguar Capital Target Companies Growth Companies Where our Consultants Add Value
  4. 4. Focused Industries Energy, Digital Media Technology, Healthcare Manufacturing Financial Services Specialize In Forming Advisory Boards Board of Director Consultation Raising Alternative Financing Pre-Revenue Valuation Focus On Governance Financial Management Strategy What Jaguar Capital Does How We Do It Advisory Management Consulting Interim Executive
  5. 5. 1. We HELP Companies get Financed 2. We HELP Companies Increase Investors Confidence in their Investment 3. We HELP Companies Grow 4. We HELP Companies with Strategic Direction 5. We HELP Companies Manage Financial Risk 6. We Get a Company Positioned for IPO 7. We HELP Companies with Dysfunctional Boards of Directors, Advisors & Disruptive Directors Benefits of Working with Jaguar Capital
  6. 6. Why is Governance, Financial Management and Strategy Important 1. Failed Investment often results from Failed Governance of a Company 2. According to BDC Study in 2014, companies with boards have 24% higher revenues and 18% higher productivity. 3. Better managed company increases stakeholder’s view of management and it’s strategy 4. Increased Price on Financing, IPO and Exit 5. Positioning the company for investment and long-term growth 6. Executive coaching for entrepreneurs to help grow their business
  7. 7. S Advise companies on a governance structure best suited for its growth S Assess the success and organizational effectiveness of the board and assist in meeting its goals S Managing a Dysfunctional Board and Remedies for Disruptive Directors S Planning the recruitment, formation and management of advisory boards or board of directors S Provide the confidential administration and tabulation of Board and Committee evaluations, 360 reviews and feedback. S Build skills matrix's and recruit for advisory boards and boards of directors S Structure risk management governance, audit, investment, and compensation committee policies. Corporate Governance
  8. 8. S Advise on financing alternatives for growth stage companies S Advise on the negotiation of financing, loan and banking agreements S Consult with and Advise companies preparing for their next round of professional financing S Prepare the company for the investor due diligence process S Advise companies on the management and mitigation of their foreign exchange exposures S Measurement of Financing needs and business’ health S Assist in developing sources and use of funding table S Advise on the company’s Cash Management needs Financial Management
  9. 9. Financing Alternatives Stage Alternatives Examples Early Stage - Personal Resources - Family and Friends - Government Programs - Crowd funding - Bootstrapping - Love Money - IAF, IRAP, OETF, OCE, IBI, SRED - Kickstarter - Indiegogo Mid Stage - Angel Groups - Incubators & Accelerators - Super Angels - Micro- VC’s - Maple Leaf Angels, Investor’s Circle, Keiretsu Forum - Y Combinator, TechStars, MaRS - Ron Conway - Next View Ventures, Susa Ventures Growth Stage - Venture Capital Funds - Mezzanine Financing - Asset backed lending - Banks - OMERS Ventures, Andreesson Horowitz, Sequoia Capital - BDC, Canadian Banks, Intermediate Capital Group
  10. 10. S Lead strategic planning initiatives and build performance measurement metrics S Business development, strategy and sales leadership S Executive coaching for Founders & CEO’s S Advise on the structuring of pitches and presentations to investors S Assist in preparing Business Plans and Financing Proposals S Assist in developing customer and product strategy S Provide dedicated executive management to your company S Assist in preparing risk analysis in growth management Strategy
  11. 11. Consulting - Governance – Experience: A growth stage technology company engaged Jaguar Capital to structure, recruit and implement an effective Advisory Board. Consulting – Financial Management – Experience: Jaguar Capital was engaged by a growth stage retail distribution channel for a Specialty Heath Care Product. The three year old company with sales of over $3 million required financing that would be supported by the inventory and receivables of the company. Strategy – Entrepreneur Coach - Trust: Jaguar Capital’s Managing Director, Gerard Buckley was engaged to provide entrepreneurial coaching to the CEO of a content marketing company in Canada. Jaguar Capital’s Success
  12. 12. “1/3 of all SME’s in Canada had problems accessing additional financing, let Jaguar Capital help you attain the financing you deserve” – Gerard Buckley