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Incubes presentation advisory boards 2013 08 07


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The Who, When, Why and How of Creating an Advisory Board. A presentation given Wednesday Aug 7 to Incubes Cohort 4 Entrepreneurs and companies.

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Incubes presentation advisory boards 2013 08 07

  1. 1. Creating a Advisory Board The Who’s, When’s, Why’s & How’s
  2. 2. Agenda • Meet & Greet • Introductions • 90 Second Company Elevator Pitch • Discussion on Advisory Boards • Q & A • Future Topics
  3. 3. Who Don’t You Want • Your Drinking Buddy • Your Cell Mate • Your ex • Probably your mother • Your rich cousin • Person with the same mindset or a yes person
  4. 4. Who • Reach outside your comfort zone • Create a influential team of OCI’s • Industry Vertical Experience • Previous Start-up Experience • People with large contact lists or Rolodex • Members with Legal, Finance and M&A • Customer Advisory Board
  5. 5. Effective Member’s Characteristics • Vision and future focus • Comfort with risk • Strategic thinking for innovation • Understanding of technology • The ability to understand the business side of Board Governance by taking a holistic view
  6. 6. When • When you feel to have a validated business model • When you would like to fill in skill gaps • Early in the process and before you go for outside financing • To walk the talk of a structured company • A early proxy for a BOD
  7. 7. Why • Your ahead of the curve when you invite professional investment • To fill skill gaps • To create a team of mentors • Inexpensive way to acquire expertise • Members don’t have liability of BOD • It gives investors confidence in your coach ability
  8. 8. How • Create a skills Matrix • Recruit through professional associations or industry groups • Choose the right people • Get a time commitment up front • Nurture the Board Relationships • Don’t forget the compensation.
  9. 9. Future Topics 1. Bootstrapping a Company & Exec Summary 2. Preparing a Pitch for Investors 3. Terms to expect from an Investors Term Sheet 4. Accessing Capital from a Angel Network 5. Forming an Advisory Board 6. Pros of Cons of accessing Venture Capital too early & some of the pitfalls to avoid
  10. 10. Gerard Buckley, BBA, FICB, ICD.D President and CEO Jaguar Capital Inc. (C) 416-884-9522 (W) 416-646-6789 @gerardbuckley @jaguarcapital