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Simona Josan2011NTT Review 2d


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Simona Josan NTT Review - 2D for 2011

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Simona Josan2011NTT Review 2d

  1. 1. Simona M. JosanTeaching Portfolio Fall 20111511: Drawing1521: 2D Design
  2. 2. 2D Design Fall 20111. Directed Sketchbook2. 2. Project “ A Moment in Time”3. Project “Call and Response”4. Project “ Personal Collection”
  3. 3. 1.Directed SketchbookIndependent explorations of relationships between material, mark, surface,and content, along with explorations of the principles of design:-balance-emphasis-proportion-tension-direction-rhythm-unity-figure-ground
  4. 4. 2. Project “A Moment in Time”Objective:• Record an instant in time, and represent it in 5 abstract variations/ points of view/ aspects• Record the details of a moment accurately, profoundly, objectively/ subjectively using value, texture, composition• Construct meaning by employing a reoccurring motif/ rhythm / element apparent in all 5 images, and by creatively applying principles of designProcess and techniques:• Xerox transfer along with drawing and painting• Cut and torn paper collage• Basic accordion book structureArtists reviewed: Pipilotti Rist, Mark Lewis, Douchamp, Umberto Boccioni
  5. 5. 2. Project “Call and Response”Objectives:• Explore commercial graphic design and printed matter, along with researching the history of social and political poster• Create two posters that react to each other’s message, one from the perspective of an authority figure/ entity (i.e. government), and one from the perspective of a reactionary/ rebellious voice (i. e. Occupy Wall street)• Consider distribution avenues and select the appropriate production medium that best communicates the poster’s message : digital print or linocut• Use in-depth research of aspecific social/political message in order to develop a powerful and poignant design; understand the psychology of propagandaProcess and techniques:• Digital technologies - Illustrator and Photoshop• Printmaking – LinocutArtists and Movements reviewed: Constructivism, Milton Glaser, NSK, ShepardFairey, Adbusters
  6. 6. 3. Project “Personal Collection”Objectives:• Compile a collection of 55 items, as inspired by Italo Calvino’s “Invisible Cities”• Develop an organizational scheme, a taxonomy, as inspired by Wagner Museum’s collection; this will add to, or modify the personal collection’s meaning• Build an enclosure that houses the collection, carefully considering the relationship between the structure and contentProcess and Techniques:• Combining bookmaking structuresArtists reviwed: Mark Dion, Ann Hamilton