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THIS ALL BEGAN when we were targeted by a Company in Philadelphia who wanted our property to "Brand" their Company. And they felt that they needed our domain name to do that. At the time that we were first contacted by Gap PA in an “unsolicited email” on October 17,2003 (see email below) that property was fully legally owned and registered in our name. And because of that company and an internet host who was seduced $$$$ into selling something that both of them knew very well that he did not own. Because of that seduction the Co-Defendant ISP host embezzled our property and then signed it over to that Philadelphia company.

That one theft, started the dominos falling that lead to stolen email to and from our investors... Which lead / to our discovery about the first theft... Which then lead to us being targeted by a second theft... For three other Domains All our web sites and all email. Which lead to the intentional destruction of our $50 million dollar first round funding investment of WIN-Tv by our investors.

Now six years later... with continuing on-going yearly re-registering of our corporate property; a crime called (Cyber Squatting) Federal laws are still being violated by the same people still in 2009... Taking what first started with a US Federal crime called (interstate wire fraud).  Up to a global level;  Since the following second thefts committed on December 7th 2003 and additional acts have continued thru to 2009 were all committed while Anthony Templer (Co-Defendant) was living in Berlin Germany, those acts graduated those Federal crimes up to an international crime called (International Wire Fraud & Cyber Squatting).

Yes... I have seen Internet Crime "first hand" and how my businesses and my Life were all ruined by internet theft and Corporate Crime.

When we first discovered the theft on December 7, 2003, We started out hoping for "quick justice" first from the local police... (Hey, we just got robbed!!!) But, we were told by our local authorities to go to the FBI because "They (the local authorities) didn't have the budget to go after this type of crime." We then went to the FBI what we heard from them was "Hey the FBI has this terrorist thing going on... and we can't promise you any ‘quick action” at this moment... but, please do file the complaint!" Which we did... And now we have the official FBI Case: ICCC # I05071411389175 and plus...our own FBI webpage so that we can add new information to our case file. We do add and update information to our case file as we get it. Currently, we are still waiting for the FBI to do something... As we sit here now six years later and watch as crimes are still being broken repeated every year with the re-registering of our stolen corporate property as these ongoing thefts continue. We are still waiting for the Federal laws to be enforced.

In 2004 we were also told by the FBI to file a law suit against the parties that committed the theft, which we did.. So because of that now "the thieves" are now called... "the defendants" (So we learned... If we couldn't get immediate justice for free from our local Police or from the FBI... Then we could pay for our Justice in court!) No wonder our courts are so overloaded. The police and local governing authorities had the power and jurisdiction in the beginning to step in and enforce the law, because theft is still theft and in the beginning it was easy to sort out who was committing crime and who were the victims of crime.

In Europe the internet laws are strictly enforced violators are arrested on the spot and thrown in jail.. But, when it comes to internet, here in the USA the police pass the buck on to the courts. So as a direct result, “no one gets punished as a criminal" and that gives people committing crime and those with thoughts of committing internet-theft the green light knowing that no one will enforce the current laws. Which results in more victims.... and intern

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WIN-TV / Native Times Headline News Article 07-16-03

  1. 1. HEADLINENEWS Subscribe to the Nation's Largest Independent Indian News First all Native American Television Network to be launched soon World Indigenous Network gives back native voice CORTE MADERA CA Candice Adson 7/16/2003 World Indigenous Network is an idea that was born into the mind of Gérard Angé two and a half years ago. He has invested over a million dollars of his own money into an innovative concept that is sure to cause much-deserved hype among Native Americans as well as non- natives. World Indigenous Network, or Win-TV, is the first national 24-hour satellite and cable based American Indian television network. It could be up and running in less than three months after funding. The network will feature all aspects of indigenous life, including but certainly not limited to news, music, dance, sports, politics, religion, food, and tribal issues. Mr. Ange’ believes that the network will “give Native Americans back the identity that was ripped away from them”. Win-TV will feature several shows that will provide information, entertainment, and education all from a native standpoint. Some shows planned for the network include Good Morning Native America, the Native American’s version of the popular Good Morning America; Native America Talking, a Larry King-ish talk show on Native issues, All Native Sportscene, Kids Korner, the first children’s program targeted at Native American youngsters, and Medicine Wheel, a show that targets the unique health needs of indigenous people. These are only a few of many programs that will benefit viewers in all aspects of living. Win-Com, the company’s retail division will have five separated parts: shop-at-home, eCommerce, catalog sales, merchandising, and retail outlets. These five divisions will work cumulatively to stimulate business for native people and native businesses, as well as provide marketing platforms to demonstrate native arts, crafts, and talents in a larger, more mainstream market. Win-Com will also provide a way for non-Native Americans to receive a sincere look into native life and culture without movies, or history books. Finally, Win-Com should positively boost the company’s reputation through sales of apparel and other products that will carry the company logo. The primary goal of Win-TV is to give Native Americans back a voice that has been long lost, although much deserved. Mr. Ange hopes to provide an “exchange between nations” through the networking of native ideas and platforms among other cultures. For More Information: Main Office: (415) 927-7741 Direct: (415) 717-8302 ] NTN Article#: 2595