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Our WIN-TV First Round funding was destroyed all our investors and our email was stolen on December 07, 2003 three hours after we called Gap International and threaten legal action If the didn't return our property.

WIN-TV Executive Summery/Gerard Ange' CEO


Gerard Ange'
President, CEO
G.A.P. International, (a California Corporation)
World Indigenous Network Corporation
3879 Magnolia Drive,
Palo Alto, CA 94306
Cell 415-717-8302


Zille Str. 69, 10575
939 61ST STREET, SUITE #13
OAKLAND, CA 94608-1301

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Win Tv Executive Summery 03 09 04

  1. 1. CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMENT World Indigenous Network Corporation --™ Through the voices of many peoples… speak just one voice. Business Presentation Summary THE CONTENTS OF THIS PLAN ARE PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL. IT IS NOT TO BE COPIED OR DUPLICATED IN ANY WAY. WIN-Tv World Indigenous Network Corporation 400 Tamal Plaza, Suite 405, Corte Madera, CA 94925 Office Direct: (415) 717-8302 Fax: (415) 388-1421 Email: Web: CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMENT
  3. 3. WIN-TV: BUSINESS PRESENTATION PAGE 3 WIN-TV: THE VISION § WIN-TV -- the World Indigenous Network -- is a twenty-four hour digital programming television network and online portal being created to serve as a cross cultural platform among and between both North America’s Native Peoples (as well as the world’s indigenous populations) and the larger American viewing public. § WIN-TV will offer high-quality programming focusing on Native issues and exploiting well-known Native talent, but using popular formats and techniques to appeal to a larger television viewership. § strategy is to become the online nexus for Native Americans (as well as for indigenous people throughout the world) and especially those non-Native peoples interested in the Native Experience. As the Native American portal, it will become a leading source of information, services, e-commerce and the building of an online community. § WIN-TV will exploit a multi-stream revenue model which, by Year Three, will help the Company achieve projected revenues of over $100 million § WIN-TV is employing a tried and proven business model to achieve its long-term objective of becoming a successful television network. WIN-Tv is a diversified, growth-oriented media company operating a first-of-its-kind nationwide digital television network complimented by ancillary online, video, publishing, merchandising and retail enterprises. Inspired by The Discovery Network, which, according to The Washington Post(1),, is considered to be one of the top 16 privately- held companies in the U.S., with a net worth in excess of $10 billion, WIN-Tv forged a similar business model, configured with multiple revenue streams, to create a solid potential for future rapid growth and success. § In Addition, WIN-Tv is supported by a ethnically based business model represented by such successful “niche” services as BET (Black Entertainment Network) as well as Telemundo and Univision: BET was acquired by Viacom for $3 billion in 2000- 2001; Telemundo was acquired by NBC/GE for $2.6 billion in 2001-2002; and Univision is currently valued at $6.4 billion. These ethnically based media models are currently is experiencing rapid growth, which generates additional billions of dollars in gross earnings per year. CONFIDENTIAL 3
  4. 4. WIN-TV: BUSINESS PRESENTATION PAGE 4 WIN-TV: PROGRAMMING § WIN-TV will offer a full-range of programming that combines informational, entertainment and educational genres, but with a Native American orientation. § WIN-TV schedule will be anchored in a series of “signature” shows that will help distinguish the network from all other programming services; these shows include: § Native America Talking – employing the “Larry King Style” Live nation-wide call-in format, this show will be hosted by someone of the stature of Harlan McKosato § OnStage – a live via Satellite musical performance show, produced at various Native Casino venues with an accompanying background profile of the artist in concert and the Casino & Tribe. § Good Morning Native America – employing a familiar morning-show format, this show is Native America’s own “Good Morning, America.” § Other representative programs will include: A. News & Public Affairs Programming § Dialogue -- Hosted one-on-one conversation about the issues facing Native America; § NA WorldView -- International news and commentary. B. Music & Cultural Programming § DreamWeavers -- Native Americans teach the “old ways”; § ICE (Indian Cinema Entertainment) -- Michael Smith talks film with American Indian filmmakers; § Journeys -- Spirituality and discussion; § Ray Tracey’s America -- Travel series hosted by Ray Tracey highlighting the beauty and drama of the American experience; C. Recreation & Sports Programming § CWF Wrestling -- Canadian Wrestling Federation sponsored exhibition wrestling produced by Reel Indian Productions; § Movies (various) -- Feature films by and about Native America; § NA SportScene -- In-depth report of Native Americans in sports and analysis. CONFIDENTIAL 4
  5. 5. WIN-TV: BUSINESS PRESENTATION PAGE 5 D. Education & Community Service Programming § Kids Korner -- Children’s programming; § Medicine Wheel -- Straight talk about health-related issues facing Native America; § Natural Resources -- Contact information for Native America; PROGRAMMING § The Internet and World Wide Web are unique vehicles by which WIN-TV can fulfill its mission to become a cross cultural platform among and between both North America’s Native Peoples (as well as the world’s indigenous populations) and the larger American public. §’s “portal” plan is based on the following elements: § Have links to other Native American online sites, be it to a regional nation or tribe, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, university departments or social service agencies. § Provide WIN-TV’s program schedule and provide commentary on its shows; viewer feedback will be encouraged – helping develop WIN-TV into a truly two-way, “interactive” television network. § Will launch an online moderated “interview” service – a meet-the-star format show with an online/call-in Q&A component – to accompany WIN-TV live entertainment specials. § Develop, test and implement an eCommerce service that follows the print-published catalog model established by the Sundance Institute and others that have “discovered” (appropriated?) Native arts and crafts sales;’s eCommerce effort will be based on a policy of “Responsible Commerce” will serve the Native artists, craftsperson and others whose works will be available through the service. § Will host moderated and unmoderated chat rooms and message boards for the development of multiple, simultaneous discussions and community engagement. WIN-TV AUDIENCE § WIN-TV has targeted two distinct audiences: a “core” audience of the Native American people in North America and a “general” audience constituted of “Cultural Creative”. § WIN-TV’s “core” audience is characterized as follows: § Native America is a people of 553 officially recognized nations, tribes and cultures (and still other not-officially recognized tribes) that is scattered throughout North America. § In 1999, the Native population was estimated at 2.4 million; it is projected to grow to 3.1 million by 2020. Native Peoples are divided evenly between cities and rural areas, thus CONFIDENTIAL 5
  6. 6. WIN-TV: BUSINESS PRESENTATION PAGE 6 perfect for satellite service. Significant numbers are located in most major markets, including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Phoenix. WIN-TV will help knit together this community. § The nation’s 2.4 million Native Americans (including Eskimos and Aleuts) have seen their buying power rise from $19.2 billion in 1990 to $34.8 billion in 2001, an increase of 81% in eleven years, or a compound annual rate of growth of 5.5%. The 1990-2001 percentage gain is much greater than the increases in buying power projected both for both whites (67.4%) and for the U.S. population as a whole (70.4%). § WIN-TV’s “general” audience is characterized as follows: § The “Cultural Creatives” was first analyzed by the sociologist Paul H. Ray in a massive study involving 200,000 survey responses conducted during the 1990s, this psycho- demographic category of American c onsumers has received extensive validation and media attention. § In 1997, “Cultural Creatives” numbered 44 million adults (representing 24 percent) and by 2000 it topped 50 million adults. § Cultural Creatives are characterized by people into environmentalism, feminism, spiritualism and a thoughtful life. They are dispersed though-out the country (all though more in West), relatively affluent and include more women then men (6:4). Equally important, they are suspicious of traditional media because they feel that the media do not meet their needs. They believe that most of the media is materialistic and relying on heavily-edited, highly over-produced and simplistic programs. Creatives tend to be more discriminating (and often more loyal) viewers, information junkies, looking for more complex, nuances and more “authentic” productions. WIN-TV LAUNCH & ROLL-OUT STRATEGY WIN-TV plans to employ a two -year launch and roll-out § Year One – § WIN-TV is poised to be launched on EchoStar’s DBS Dish Network which reaches 8 million households; § WIN-TV will be made available to analog CATV systems in select markets where there is a significant Native American population. § Year Two – § WIN-TV will expand its presence on DBS by broadcasting on DirecTV service and reaching an additional 12 million households, thus reaching a total of 20 million households; § WIN-TV will seek to increase the number of analog CATV systems that will carry its programming; CONFIDENTIAL 6
  7. 7. WIN-TV: BUSINESS PRESENTATION PAGE 7 § WIN-TV will seek to have its programming available over CATV’s increasing number of digital channels; § WIN-TV plans to release a number of “signature” programs, most notably its live entertainment shows, on homevideo/DVD. * By the end of Year Two, WIN-TV will be fully operational and projects that it will reach over 30 million television households. WIN-Tv MULTI-STREAM REVENUE STRATEGY WIN-TV Corp. is adopting a multi-steam revenue model to achieve long-term financial profitability. Through its initial two -year launch and roll-out phase, it plans to exploit four revenue streams; in time, others will surely be considered and adopted. The initial four revenue streams are: (1) on-air advertising, (2) on-air infomercials, (3) ancillary products and (4) Web revenues. § On-Air Advertising -- key factors of WIN-TV’s advertising strategy include: § Advertising rates are based on audience reach – “eyeball” count! -- and WIN-TV will aggressively move to extend its coverage from its initial launch on EchoStar’s Dish Network and select analog cable serves, to DirecTV and national digital cable outlets. § WIN-TV will exploit a very generous incentive pricing plan (to as much as 50%–70% discounted) to attract initial advertisers. § WIN-TV will continue to price its rates at just below the market norm, but this will still be profitable. § On-Air a Two hour daily in house Shop-at-Home production. The key factors of WIN-TV’s strategy include: § WIN-TV will run long-form, 120- minute program segments that feature culture-, music -, arts- and crafts-people and will use intermittent quot;soft pitchesquot; to promote and sell objects. WIN-TV will avoid employing the “hard sell' format and will emphasis on Native § American products that are content rich in order to build up the “feel good’ aspect and that appeal to both the network’s “core” and “general” audiences, especially to the highly-coveted “Cultural Creatives.” § WIN-TV will produce a daily two hour Shop-at-Home production and will seek to offer Native American products, are in tune with the new buying habits of “smart” shopping, that reflect cause-related marketing and they are associated with “corporate conscience” programs. CONFIDENTIAL 7
  8. 8. WIN-TV: BUSINESS PRESENTATION PAGE 8 § Ancillary Product Offerings -- key factors of WIN-TV’s ancillary products strategy include: § WIN-TV will introduce a line of products that are either branded or co-branded using an existing independent label as the partner. These offerings will leverage WIN-TV’s intellectual property assets. § The ancillary product line that is currently anticipated will likely include (1) DVD/homevideos and CDs based on on-air programming specials, including live entertainment shows, historical specials and Native American cultural profiles; and (2) special cultural and craft objects-of-art, books and other products that appropriately reflect the Native Experience. § Working with a partner takes the full burden of order processing, customer services, warehousing and other functions off WIN-TV’s shoulders. WIN-TV will make a serious commitment to heavy on-air promotion and will employ an average 10 percent royalty fee against gross product sales. § Online Revenue -- key factors of WIN-TV’s online strategy include: § will exploit two online revenue opportunities -- (1) advertising and (2) e-commerce. § Advertising revenues will be sought from both (a) banner ads and (b) in- stream advertising: § WIN-TV will employ traditional banner ads in prominent locations on the web site. Rates will be based on accepted standards, currently range from $10 to $25 per CPM. § WIN-TV will employ “pre-roll” ads that appear in the user’s video window prior to requested content stream. “Pre-roll” ads are hyperlinked so that users can simply click on the screen to call up the sponsor’s web site while continuing to receive the streaming content; rates currently range from $10 to $25 CPM. § e-Commerce revenue will be derived from, for Year-One, on the domestic US Native marketplace; Year-Two efforts will expand to the global indigenous marketplace. Key factors related to this rollout plan include: § Royalty rates for all transactions will be set at 10% -- this is significantly below the 15% rate charged by, for example, Amazon and other web retailers. § Customer purchases will be managed through established credit-card authorization mechanisms; customers will be encouraged to set up pre-approved accounts to facilitate spontaneous purchases and to receive bonus incentives on future purchases. CONFIDENTIAL 8
  9. 9. WIN-TV: BUSINESS PRESENTATION PAGE 9 § IN-TV’s revenue forecast for the period of Year-One through Year-Five is as follows: WIN-TV Five Year Revenue Projections Category Year One Year Three Year Five On-Air Advertising $ 12,651,750 $ 48,618,000 $ 76,186,637 Shop-at-Home $ 5,000,000 $ 7,800,000 $ 17,550,000 Ancillary Retail $ 0,000 $ 36,400,000 $ 175,500,000 Online Revenue $ 5,000,000 $ 7,800,000 $ 17,550,000 Total $ 22,651,750 $ 100,618,000 $ 269,236,637 WIN-Tv KEY MANAGEMENT TEAM WIN-TV’s senior management consists of a seasoned group of television-industry professionals who have, collectively, extensive experience in the critical areas of management, finance, programming and marketing & sales. § Gérard Angé, (Sioux) Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Angé has worked in satellite broadcasting for over eighteen years. Prior to creating WIN-TV, he owned and operated G.A.P. International, a successful worldwide television satellite network and production company specializing in international broadcast services and live interactive television for an impressive list of entertainment, political and corporate clients. § Jerry Bean, Chief Financial Office Mr. Bean has over 35 years experience in financial management. As CFO of G.A.P. International, he led that company’s expansion into other media markets and developed long-range business, financial and marketing strategies. Prior to G.A.P. International, he owned and operated a commercial finance company, serving as President and CFO for seven years and as CEO for another eight years. Mr. Bean holds a BA, Business, from University of Akron (OH) and an MBA, Finance, from Pepperdine University (CA). § Tom Knight, Executive Vice President, Programming Mr. Knight has been involved in entertainment and event management for over 20 years. Under the banner of Tomorrow Productions, he produced fundraising and public relations events for numerous corporate, non-profit and political clients and has extensive credits writing, developing, packaging and producing motion pictures, television news and documentaries. CONFIDENTIAL 9
  10. 10. WIN-TV: BUSINESS PRESENTATION PAGE 10 § Edward Shapiro, President and COO, WIN-Com. Mr. Shapiro has over forty years experience in merchandising and retail sales in the apparel industry. Forging relationships with many of the top merchandisers in Asia and elsewhere around the world, he has orchestrated sales programs with Macy’s, Mervyn’s, Nordstrom’s, Costco and other domestic retail giants that have netted annual gross revenues of more than $40 million. WIN-Tv EXIT STRATEGY WIN-TV has a potential initial DBS-based audience during Year-One of 8-plus million and by Year-Two of 20-plus million viewers. By Year-Two this audience has the potential of being significantly larger as WIN -TV secures greater carriage as analog and digital cable outlets are negotiated. WIN-TV appeal will be determined by the unique, high-quality programming it will offer. This programming will be based on a mix of arts and culture, news and public affairs and sports and recreational shows. Based upon the potential for significant growth that WIN-TV projects in its “Moderate” financial assumptions, the Company anticipates that it will pursue one of the following three quot;exist” strategies:* § The sale of all or a division of the Broadcasting Company to a large television network or communications conglomerate. § A merger or acquisition with another television network or communication company. § Pursue an Initial Public Offering to raise additional financing from the public markets. § The sale of a ancillary retail division of the WIN Corporation to a conglomerate retail chain. * Final determination will be made at a later date as warranted. THE CONTENTS OF THIS PLAN ARE PROPREITARY AND CONFIDENTIAL. IT IS NOT TO BE COPIED OR DUPLICATED IN ANY WAY. For more in depth information and investment options please contact: Gerard Ange’ World Indigenous Network Corporation 400 Tamal Plaza, Suite 405, Corte Madera, CA 94925 Office Direct: (415) 717-8302 Fax: (415) 388-1421 Email: Web: CONFIDENTIAL 10