STRANGE JUSTICE? Official Court Transcripts of Judge John True III April 10 2009


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FBI Case: ICC I05071411389175
Civil Case:
Suit Filed in Alameda County Superior Court 11-07-05 Case# RG05241337

A victim of crime and theft moves forward after six years of legal proceedings and over $100,000.00 of legal fees and tries to get what everyone in promised in our constitution... "American Justice".

These are the official Superior Court Transcripts from a hearing with Judge John True III presiding:

The hearing, that started with argument but reluctantly granting the Plaintiffs a continuance to allow the plaintiff's new trial attorney to take over the case. "Motion Granted"

But then.... Judge True decided on his own to move forward with a second hearing... A hearing without any attorney present for Plaintiff's to argue these key important matters. Judge John True III regardless of loud voiced objections noting serous violations of the US Constitution and Civil Rights of the Plaintiff. Judge John True III continued with the second hearing. with out any Attorney for the plaintiff's A hearing that causing major damage to the plaintiff's case. By eliminating any and all Damages to both of Plaintiff's corporations.

Judge True III made his rulings knowingly and in the face of extreme prejudges to the plaintiff and to the victims of the theft and ongoing crimes by protecting the defendants from damages and major causes of action for their crimes.

These are the transcripts of that hearing....

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