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The clothes


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Published in: Education
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The clothes

  1. 1. The clothes By: Geraldine duque ochoa
  2. 2. Public  This is a private school located in Girardota. The name of the school is Centro Educativo Forjadores del Mañana, their level of English is low, so the idea of this blog is help them.  This blog is addressed to children of four grade, their age are between 7 to 9 years.
  3. 3. Environment and Methodology  The students are beginners, this blog will be built to support the english class where children carn learn the clothes vocabulary.So the reason for this blog is to create a place where students can reinforce what they have learning during the class.
  4. 4. Aim  The students will be able to recognize some clothes and describe it in english.
  5. 5. Resources The blog will include the following resources:  Video  Pictures with clothe´s vocabulary  Song  Activity g
  6. 6. Enjoy it !!