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Clemson Class Project May 2012

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Cu icar presentation

  1. 1.  Explore benefits of partnership between Pickens County Schools and CU-ICAR Promote science and engineering in the school system Highlight educational and professional opportunities for Pickens County residents Prepare students for careers in Science and Engineering within Pickens County
  2. 2.  Establish “CU-ICAR DAY” for interested Pickens County Students, which would include:  Tours of the facility in Greenville, SC  Automotive industry and CU-ICAR guest speakers  Engineering competition between Pickens County High Schools at the CU-ICAR campus.
  3. 3. Relevant Goals from Pickens Co Vision Plan Build greater cooperation/collaboration between ClemsonPC 13 University, Pickens County School Dist., and the Pickens community.WC 3 Train a workforce for future jobs. Plan for CU-ICAR and Clemson University to be enginesWC 5 for growth. Promote creativity and synergy between educationalWC 7 institutions and the community. Grow an economy that keeps our youth in PickensWC 10 County, and improves marketable skills, including construction trades, technology, and service industries.
  4. 4. CU-ICAR is… An automotive research and engineering satellite campus of Clemson University. Located in Greenville, SC near Interstate 85. A nationally recognized automotive engineering graduate program.
  5. 5. CU-ICAR… Facilitates public/private partnerships between Clemson University, State of South Carolina, and automotive companies.  BMW  Michelin  Timkin  American Titanium Works
  6. 6. CU-ICAR… Has secured over $200 million from partnerships since opening in 2006. Currently employs 680 people at its Greenville Campus Plans to create 1,620 new jobs in the next several years
  7. 7. CU-ICAR… Impacts the surrounding economy by drawing in other large companies and developers.  $36million Hubell Lighting development adjacent to CU-ICAR is expected to generate 350 new jobs.  Verdae mixed-use development locatednear the CU- ICAR campus will house approx. 10,000 residents as well as retail and office space.
  8. 8. The question is…How can Pickens County benefitfrom partnering with CU-ICAR?
  9. 9. Methodology
  10. 10.  Evaluate existing social and economic conditions Understand the area’s strengths and weaknesses in workforce development Find examples of successful economic activity/development within local cities
  11. 11.  Identify what aspect of the Pickens community would/could most benefit from a relationship with CU-ICAR. Case study analysis Utilize quantitative and qualitative data through secondary sources, personal interviews, and community outreach efforts  Pickens County Schools  Dr. Brooks (Clemson Professor, CU-ICAR faculty)  Mason Ailstock (CU-ICAR Global Partner Manager and Partnership Outreach)
  12. 12. Existing Conditions and Findings
  13. 13. Educational Strengths… Four public schools within Pickens County, of which all outpace national average SAT scores Pickens County Career and Technology Center (Provides career training to 1,197 high school students)
  14. 14. Educational Strengths… School dist. participates in the “FIRST Robotics Competition” and named regional champions in 2011.…These indicators of achievement show promise
  15. 15. Educational Weaknesses… 2009-10 Pickens County drop out rates 4.8% (3.7% in Anderson)…These numbers should motivate change.
  16. 16. Employment Opportunities Over 30 major automotive-related companies are located in the Upstate. BMW has invested over $3 billion in the region and has created 7,000 new jobs Home to Michelin Headquarters…This is good news for Pickens County residents,but the news gets better…
  17. 17. Employment Opportunities In 2012  %80 of adults in Pickens have a HS diploma  %22 of adults in Pickens have Bachelors degrees *Pickens County will need to attract knowledge base industries to keep the skilled workforce within the county.
  18. 18. Dr. Jonnell Brooks Large divide between Pickens County students and CU-ICAR Students are rarely given opportunity to participate in research at CU-ICAR Time constraints involved with reaching out to Pickens students (travel feasibility) Elementary students regularly take tours of CU-ICAR, but no program exists for HS Students
  19. 19. Mason Ailstock Director of Global Partnerships at CU-ICAR Interested in hosting the “CU-ICAR DAY”Note: A formal request to the CU-ICARPartnership Committee is necessary and mustbe approved before a formal commitment ismade.
  20. 20. Josh YoungAssistant Principal of Easely High School Emphasized that the Principal and various clubs would support the event.Additional contacts: Guidance counselors (Daniel High School) Principals School Administrators
  21. 21.  All public High Schools in Pickens have curriculum and extracurricular activities that promote science, math, and engineering. 3 out of the 5 public High Schools have dedicated math and/or science clubs. Each High School offers Advanced Placement courses in Math and Science
  22. 22. Case Study: Southern Indiana University Provides tours for High School students to automotive factories.  Students reported that the tours helped them understand the engineering process.  They also showed more interest after the tour in learning more about the intricate machinery.  Similar programs in Adelaid, Australia, and Pen State have also been successful.
  23. 23. Case Study: Clemson University Previous programs and workshops for those High School students interested in the healthcare field.  Interactive activities  On-site visits  Encourages minority involvement in healthcare …Developing these ideas with CU-ICAR could bring more minorities and women to the sciences
  24. 24. SHORT TERM GOALSof Establishing “CU-ICAR Day” Open communications between Pickens County schools, Clemson, and CU-ICAR Demonstrate commitment to local human capital Show educational and professional opportunities to students and families Energize students about the sciences
  25. 25. LONG TERM GOALSof Establishing “CU-ICAR Day” Develop and retain a skilled workforce Prepare students for careers in engineering and the sciences Encourage students to think locally when searching for lucrative and rewarding careers Attract more knowledge based industry to Pickens County.