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Ciputra-GEPI In-House Entpreneur Program Info Session


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GEPI adalah organisasi nirlaba, saat ini sedang membuka pendaftaran program wirausaha dalam atap inkubator Ciputra-GEPI. Program ini merupakan sebuah platform dimana kami akan memberikan dukungan kepada para pengusaha berdedikasi yang memiliki startup dengan potensi pengembangan terbaik. Melalui program ini, kamu akan diberikan co-working space secara gratis di CGI serta berbagai dukungan penuh dari GEPI (mentorship dan workshop tentang entrepreneurship, akses ke investor/pendanaan, jaringan entrepreneurship GEPI, dan berbagai dukungan lain) agar startup kamu bisa berhasil.


GEPI's mission is to catalyse & shape Indonesian entrepreneurship ecosystem for stronger economic growth, resilience and job creation.

GEPI is nonprofit organisation, currently is opening In-house entrepreneurs program in Ciputra-GEPI incubator. The program will serve as a platform in which we will support true entrepreneurs whose startups have the most potential to grow. These entrepreneurs are provided free space at CGI as well as a range of supports from GEPI from mentorship and workshop about entrepreneurship, access to funding, connection to GEPI's vast network, as well as other startup services and support.

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Ciputra-GEPI In-House Entpreneur Program Info Session

  1. 1. Ciputra  GEPI  Incubator     In-­‐House  Entrepreneurs   Mon,  Nov  11th,  2013  
  2. 2. Content   1   About  GEPI   Pg.  3-­‐9   2   About  CGI   Pg.  10-­‐14   3   About  In-­‐House  Entrepreneurs   Pg.  15-­‐16     Global  Entrepreneurship  Program  Indonesia   2  
  3. 3. 1 About  GEPI   GEPI  is  a  non-­‐profit  founded  in  January  2011  by  13  prominent     business  leaders  in  Indonesia  and  iniGated  by  U.S.  State  Department   Honorary  Chairmen   Board  of  Chairman   Board  of  Founders  Members   Theodore  P.   Rachmat,     Jaka  A.   Singgih,     Setyono  D.   Darmono,     Eddy   Sariaatmadja,     PT.  Jababeka   Tbk.   PT.  Surya  Citra   Televisi   Sudhamek   W.S.,     Erwin  Aksa,     Rachmat   Gobel,     Ananda   Siregar,     Tri  Putra  Group   Bumi  Laut  Group   Chris  Kanter,     Sigma  Sembada   Group   Ir.  Ciputra,   Ciputra  Group   Shinta  W.   Kamdani,     Jakob   Oetama,     Kompas   Gramedia   Group   Sintesa  Group   Giuseppe   Nicolosi,     Ernst  &  Young   South  East   Asia   Bosowa  Group   Garudafood   Group   PT.  Panasonic   Gobel  Indonesia   Global  Entrepreneurship  Program  Indonesia   PT.  Graha   Layar  Prima   3  
  4. 4. 1 About  GEPI   GEPI’s  mission  is  to  catalyze  &  shape  Indonesian   entrepreneurship  ecosystem  through  5  focus  areas   Catalyze  &  shape  Indonesian  entrepreneurship   ecosystem  for  stronger  economic  growth,   reslience  and    job  creaGon   Rp. Inspire   Groom   Connect   Fund   Advocate   Inspire    people  to  be   entrepreneurs  &   provide  pla@orm  for   new  business  ideas   Educate  &  mentor   entrepreneurs  &   public  to  start  &   grow  businesses   Link  to  relevant   stakeholders  &   fellow  entrepreneurs   in  community   Provide  access  to   capital  to  start  &   accelerate  growth  for   businesses   Recommend  pro-­‐ entrepreneurship   policies  in  naIonal  &   internaIonal  seJngs   Global  Entrepreneurship  Program  Indonesia   4  
  5. 5. 1 About  GEPI   Some  of  GEPI’s  concrete  programs     in  reaching  its  mission  (I)   Program   DescripGon   Entrepreneur-­‐ ship  DelegaIon   (EDel)  [May-­‐July   2011]   Select  Indonesian  best   tech  &  non-­‐tech  start-­‐ ups  2011  that  serve  as   sources  of  inspiraIon  for   larger  entrepreneurship   movement  to  come   ASEAN  Regional   Entrepreneur-­‐ ship  Summit    in   Bali  [22-­‐  24  July   2011]   Regional  pla@orm  for   discussions    &   collaboraIons  on   entrepreneurship.  The   event  also  serves  as     GEPI  inauguraIon   Focus  Areas   Highlights   §  2  winners:  Indomog  (tech)  &  Go-­‐Jek  (non-­‐tech)  selected   from  over  500  start-­‐up  parIcipants   §  32  finalists  received  mentoring    on  business  model   generaIon  &  pitching  skills   §  Coverage  by  17  naIonal  media,  inc.  Kompas,  SWA,   Business  Indonesia,  Jakarta  Post,  Tempo,  Daily  Social,   Antara,  etc  to  spread  the  inspiraIons     §  A]ended  by  over  400  entrepreneurs,  investors,  educators,   officials  from  ASEAN,  India,  and  China   §  Topics  include  entrepreneurship  &  economic   development,  social  entrepreneurship,  entrepreneurship   educaIon,  youth  entrepreneurship,  empowering  women   through  entrepreneurship,  microfinance,  investment,  etc   §  Prominent  authoritaIve  speakers,  inc.  Mari  E.  Pangestu,   Hillary  R.  Clinton,  M.  Ha]a  Rajasa,  Eric  Schmidt,  Gita   Wirjawan,  M.  Junus,  John  May,  Tony  Fernandes,  etc   §  Media  coverage  by  33  naIonal  media,  inc.  MNC  TV,  SCTV,   Kompas,  SWA,  Bisnis  Indonesia,  Tempo,  Republika,  Jakarta   Post,  Antara,  DeIk,  Techinasia,  etc     Global  Entrepreneurship  Program  Indonesia   5  
  6. 6. 1 About  GEPI   Some  of  GEPI’s  concrete  programs     in  reaching  its  mission  (II)   Program   DescripGon   Focus  Areas   Highlights   Research  on   entrepreneurship   for  women   economic   empowerment   [Aug-­‐Dec  2012]   Collaborated  with  UN   ESCAP  to  idenIfy  the   needs,  gaps,  barriers,  &   recommendaIons  to   increase  women   economic  parIcipaIon   with  entrepreneurship   §  Conducted  qualitaIve  research  on  4  women  entrepreneurs   &  quanItaIve  research  (sample  size:  66).  IdenIfied  key   sociocultural  &  insItuIonal  key  areas  for  future   development   §  Presented  findings  in  NaIon  ConsultaIon  a]ended  by   government  senior  officials,  private  sector,  academia,  and   women  entrepreneurs  on  13  December  2012   §  Presented  findings  in  Asia  Pacific  Regional  Forum  on   Women    Entrepreneurship  in  China    [17-­‐18  Apr  2013]   Intellectual   Property    (IP)   App  Challenge   [Oct    2012  –  May   2013]   Collaborated  with  the   U.S.  Embassy:  A   compeIIon  in  building   IP-­‐themed  mobile  apps   to  spur  the  creaIve  &   technology  sector  while   bringing  awareness  on   the  importance  of  IP   §  ParIcipated  as  challenge  sponsors  in  Asia  Bandung   Hackathon,  13-­‐14  Oct  2013,  that  was  a]ended  by  528   developers  &  185  visitors   §  Selected  2  top  teams:  Eyja  Labs  (professional)  &   Bojonegoro  United  (undergraduate)  out  of  40  teams  to   execute  their  app  concepts   §  Mentored  teams  on  the  applicaIon  of  gamificaIon,   moneIzaIon  alternaIves,  markeIng,  etc   §  Launched  the  IP  apps  as  part  of  World  IP  Day  2013   commemoraIon   §  Coverage  by  Swa,  Tempo,  Kompas,  Techinasia,  CHIP,  etc   Global  Entrepreneurship  Program  Indonesia   6  
  7. 7. 1 About  GEPI   Some  of  GEPI’s  concrete  programs     in  reaching  its  mission  (III)   Program   DescripGon   Focus  Areas   Highlights   Entrepreneurship   Collaborated  with   Bootcamp  [Jan   Mandiri  Bank.  A  4-­‐day   2013]   intensive  well-­‐rounded   training  camp  for  young   entrepreneurs   §  ParIcipated  by  100  Indonesian  young  entrepreneurs   §  Training  topics:  business  model  generaIon,  finance,   operaIons,  markeIng,  compeIIve  analyses,  customer   discovery  &  validaIon,  case  studies,  pitching   §  Event  culminated  in  an  angel  investor  pitching  session  to   apply  the  learnings  obtained  &  open  doors  for  investment   Angel   Investment   Network   (ANGIN)     [2012  –  now]   §  Women  Fund  was  the  first  fund  established  within  ANGIN.   The  investors    are  10  women  angel  investors  that  are  also   prominent  business  &  community  leaders,  inc.  Shinta  W.   Kamdani,  Noni  Purnomo,  Svida  Alisjahbana,  Tience   SumarIni,  etc.  Primary  objecIve  is  to  foster  women   entrepreneurs  in  innovaIve  businesses   §  First  investment  made  in  June  2013:  ~USD  30K  (in  4   tranches)  to  Wangsa  Jelita   §  Angels  provide  acIve  mentoring,  networking  besides   capital   §  Media  coverage  by  Bisnis  Indonesia,  Republika,  Tempo,   Techinasia,  Antara,  Berita  Satu,  Suara  Pengusaha,  etc   The  first  formal  angel   investment  network   aiming  to  educate  the   public  on  angel   investment  &  to  fill  the   capital  needs  of  new   innovaIve  businesses   Rp. Global  Entrepreneurship  Program  Indonesia   7  
  8. 8. 1 About  GEPI   Some  of  GEPI’s  concrete  programs     in  reaching  its  mission  (IV)   Program   DescripGon   Focus  Areas   Highlights   G20  Youth   Entrepreneurship   Alliance  (YEA)   [2012  –  now]   GEPI  is  the  official   Indonesian   entrepreneurship   organizaIon   representaIve  in  G20   YEA   §  Conducted  annual  entrepreneurship  barometer  surveys  to   idenIfy  needs  &  aspiraIons  of  young  entrepreneurs,  and   also  serve  as  benchmarking  across  countries   §  ParIcipated  acIvely  in  annual  G20  YEA  Summit  to   advocate  internaIonal  policies  &  prioriIes  that  are   conducive  for  innovaIon  &  budding  entrepreneurs   §  Expose  Indonesian  entrepreneur  delegates  to  internaIonal   opportuniIes,  workshops  &  dealing  with  other  cultures   Digital   Empowerment   [June  2013  –   Now]   CollaboraIng  with  U.S.   Embassy.  A  training   program  for  youth  in   web  development  &   providing  them  real   commercial  projects  by   connecIng  them  with   women  entrepreneurs   that  require  online   presence   §  The  program  aims  to  increase  youth  employability   especially  in  fast-­‐growing  technology  sector  &  also   supporIng  women  entrepreneurs  by  providing  websites   for  awareness  building  &  e-­‐Commerce   §  Planned  to  be  held  in  3  ciIes.  Completed  training  program   in  Universitas  Indonesia,  Depok  in  June  2013  and  next  will   implement  in  Bandung  and  Surabaya   §  Besides  providing  technical  skills,  the  program  educates   youth  about  client  management  (perspecIves,   moIvaIons,  and  typical  requirements  of  entrepreneurs  for   websites)  as  well  as  project  management   Global  Entrepreneurship  Program  Indonesia   8  
  9. 9. 1 About  GEPI   Some  of  GEPI’s  concrete  programs     in  reaching  its  mission  (V)   Program   DescripGon   Focus  Areas   Ciputra  |  GEPI   Start-­‐up   Community   Incubator   [launched  in  Sep   2013]   A  pla@orm  to   conInuously  inspire,   educate  &  nurture   future  Indonesian    start-­‐ ups  that  will  hopefully   can  go  internaIonal   Social  InnovaIon   (SI)  Camp  Jakarta   2013  [Oct  –  Dec   2013]   An  event  that  creates   start-­‐ups  based  on  web  /   mobile  technology   aiming  to  addresses   social  issues   Rp. Highlights   §  ~500  m2  of  physical  space  at  strategic  locaIon  in  Kuningan   §  Sub-­‐programs  include  seminars,  workshops  &  classes,  co-­‐ working  space,  networking  events,  investor  nights,   bootcamps,  etc   §  Addressing  large  audience:  aspiring,  budding,  growing,  and   successful  entrepreneurs   §  Strong  links  with  venture  capitals  ,  universiIes,  media,   established  entrepreneurs  /  mentors,  governments,   corporates,  start-­‐up  communiIes,  fellow  non-­‐profits  to   provide  conInuous  lasIng  support  to  the  ecosystem     §  Part  of  an  internaIonal  SI  Camp  movement  that  started  in   the  U.K.  and  has  spread  to  16  countries  all  over  the  world   §  Large  exposure:  universiIes,  relevant  non-­‐profits  (eg.   Inotek,  AKSI),  Ministry  of  Research  &  Technology,   technology  communiIes.  Great  opportunity  to  showcase   technology  as  well  as    in  delivering  posiIve  contribuIons   to  society   §  Winner  from  Indonesia  will  be  sent  to  Singapore  for  SI   Camp  Asia  to  celebrate  with  winners  from  Hong  Kong,   South  Korea,  Singapore,  Malaysia,  Thailand,  and  the   Philippines   Global  Entrepreneurship  Program  Indonesia   9  
  10. 10. 2 About  CGI   Strategically  located  at  Ciputra  World  1  |  DBS   Bank  Tower,  Kuningan   Global  Entrepreneurship  Program  Indonesia   10  
  11. 11. 2 About  CGI   >  500  sqm  equipped  with  high  tech  corner,     working,  collaboraGon,  meeGng,  and  leisure  areas   Global  Entrepreneurship  Program  Indonesia   11  
  12. 12. 2 About  CGI   The  incubator  enables  stronger  support  &  higher   engagement  with  the  entrepreneur  community     Global  Entrepreneurship  Program  Indonesia   12  
  13. 13. 2 About  CGI   Community:  Already  secured  support  from  key   players  of  the  startup  ecosystem     Global  Entrepreneurship  Program  Indonesia   13  
  14. 14. 2 About  CGI   Three-­‐Gered  programs  that  cater  to  the  enGre   entrepreneurial  stack   1.  Entrepreneurs   –  In-­‐House  Entrepreneurs   –  Boot  Camp   –  GEPI  Signature  &  Casual  Events   2.  Startup  Community   –  Partners’  Events   3.  Public   –  Open  House   Global  Entrepreneurship  Program  Indonesia   14  
  15. 15. 3 About  In-­‐House  Entrepreneurs   What  CGI  Offers  In-­‐House  Entrepreneurs   §  FREE*  space  (Mon-­‐Fri,  9  am  –  6  pm,  We  are  working  on  ager  office  hours   and  weekends)   §  Mentoring  (with  GEPI  team  and  others,  i.e.  top  entrepreneurs,  peer   entrepreneurs,  experts,  investors,  etc.)   §  FaciliGes  (fast,  reliable  internet,  self-­‐serving  “café”  area,  pantry  area,   meeGng  rooms,  virtual  office  services,  tech  corner,  siesta  &  library  area)     §  Other  services  and  support  (network,  capacity  building,  access  to   capital,  etc.)     *Yes,  you  read  that  right!   Global  Entrepreneurship  Program  Indonesia   15  
  16. 16. 3 About  In-­‐House  Entrepreneurs   How  to  be  An  In-­‐House  Entrepreneur  @CGI   §  Let  us  know  that  you’re  interested   §  Start  using  our  space     –  E.g.  for  working  alone,  for  meeGng  with  the  team,  for  chaong   with  peer  entrepreneurs,  for  geong  mentorship  and  support     §  Join  our  events,  they’re  mostly  Free!     Global  Entrepreneurship  Program  Indonesia   16  
  17. 17. Thank  You   CGI  is  a  Startup  too!     §  Please  email  any  comments  or  queries  to  CGI  at     §  To  learn  more,  visit  our  websites:  and       §  Join  our  conversaGons  on  Facebook:  and  Twiser:  @GEPIndonesia     Global  Entrepreneurship  Program  Indonesia   17