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My Resume

  1. 1. VENANCIO Z. SARMIENTOBarlis, Cabanatuan CityCellphone No. 0909 – 7334600Email Address: geovens@rocketmail.comWebsite address:<br />PROPOSED POSITION:SOILS/MATERIALS ENGINEER<br />PERSONAL INFORMATION:<br />1. NATIONALITY:Filipino <br />2. DATE OF BIRTH:April 01, 1953<br />3. EDUCATION:Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering<br />Araullo University. 1970-1976<br />Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija<br />:Master in Management’s Studies<br />Bicol University, 1990-1992<br />Legaspi City, Albay<br />4. PROFESIONAL:Registered Civil Engineer No. 18349, <br /> REGISTRATION andNov. 1976<br /> ACCREDITATION<br />:Accredited Materials Engineer I No. 2488<br />Dated Sept. 2004 <br />:Accredited Materials Engineer II No. 2488<br />Dated April 30, 2007<br />5. SEMINARS/TRAININGS:12th. REAAA International Conference on the <br />Road to the Future. DPWH. Nov 20-24, 2006. (5 <br />days)<br />:31st. National Convention. Phil Institute of civil Engineers (PICE).<br />November 17-19, 2005 (3 days)<br />:2001 National Mid-year convention. PICE. <br />Pryce Plaza Hotel. Cagayan de Oro City.<br />May 3-5, 2001 (3 days)<br />:1st. National Symposium on Geotechnical Engineering on the theme: Challenges for Philippine Projects in the Next Millennium. Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines, Inc. (ASEP) co-sponsored by PICE and PGS. March 12-13, 1999 (2 days)<br />:Computer Aided Structural Analysis and Design (STAAD). Quality Computer System, Inc.<br />February 2-27, 1998 (20 days)<br />:Training on Project Management. Techniks Group Corporation, April 18-30, 1996 (10 days).<br />:CPM for Project Implementation, Progress Monitoring. DPWH and World Bank (IBRD) March 20-22, 1996 (2 days)<br />:Seminar on Transport and Water Resources. Techniks Group Corporation.<br />April 14-15, 1996 (2 days).<br />:Training on Pavement Design, Techniks Group Corporation. February 5-16, 1996 (10 days).<br />:Seminar on Quality Control of Construction Materials, Techniks Group Corporation.<br />August 7-25, 1995 (14 days)<br />:Training-Workshop on Quantifying, Estimating, Pricing and costing of Work Items, Techniks Group corporation. Sept. 16-30, 1994 (11 days)<br />:Advance Geotechnical Training Course, DPWH and the Swedish National Road Consulting AB (SweRoad) and with financial support from Swedish Agency for International Technical and Economic cooperation. Nov. 22-Dec. 4, 1992 (11 days)<br />:Manufacture of Paints and Coatings.<br />TLRC, June 9-10, 1990 (2 days0<br />:Performance Audit. Commission on Audit, <br />May 16, 1981 (1 day)<br />6. LANGUAGE & DEGREE:English – Good<br /> OF PROFICIENCYPilipino – (Mother Tongue) fluent<br />Visaya/Bicol – Fair<br />7. COUNTRIES OF WORK<br /> EXPERIENCE:Philippines<br /> EXPERIENCE RECORD:<br />Sept 2009 – To Date:1.0 years<br />BMW AD Joint Ventures<br />Supervision of KAMANAVA Area Flood Control & Drainage System Improvement Project.<br />DPWH-PMO<br />Materials Engineer<br />July 2007 – August 2009:2.0 years<br />Katahira and Engineers International in association with Techniks Group Corporation<br />Supervision of Looc – Odiongan – San Andres Road Project, Province of Romblon.<br />Rural Road Network Development Project, PHASE III, Package IV.<br />Materials Engineer<br />Jan. 2006 – June 2007:1.5 years<br />Techniks Group Corporation<br />Construction Supervision of Sixth Road Project, Bridge Component. Cp-6, Iligan-Aurora Road, Lanao del Norte.<br />Materials Engineer<br />:Supervise soil samplings; determine qualities and quantities of materials from proposed sources.<br />:Determine proper blending of subbase, base course, and aggregates both for asphalt and cement concrete.<br />:Prepare the concrete mix design and make adjustment based from the result of test on trial mixes.<br />:Supervise laboratory and field testing to verify quality of materials, required compaction, moisture contents, in –placed density, and such other tests in accordance with the approved testing program.<br />:Supervise paving activity and make decisions in case of plant or equipment breakdown and weather deterioration. <br />Nov. 2003-Dec. 2005:2.17 yrs.<br />Techniks Group Corporation<br />Construction Supervision of Bayawan-Kalumbuyan Road Project, CP-VIII, RRNDP III, Bayawan City, Negros Oriental.<br />Acting Soils/Materials Engineer/C.E. Inspector<br />:Prepared quality control program based on the approved item of work.<br />:Checked all construction materials to ensure quality prior to incorporation with the work.<br />:Organized and operated materials testing laboratory and field testing of materials and products needed to assure quality as required by the plans and specifications.<br />:Furnished timely assistance and directions to contractor all matters related to quality control.<br />:Prepared and maintained inspection reports and records to adequately document progress and performance of work.<br />:Prepared and checked Monthly Materials Report of the project.<br />:Checked progress billings submitted by the contractor to determine conformity with the actual accomplished work.<br />Oct. 2002-Oct. 2003:1.08 yrs.<br />Techniks Group Corporation<br />Austrian-Assisted DPWH Bridge construction/Replacement Project, Package B, Regions IV-B, VI and XIII.<br />Project comprises of 21 bridges under Consignment 2 and 22 bridges under Consignment 3 which form Package B of the Austrian-Assisted DPWH Bridge Construction/Replacement Program. The project involved the detailed engineering design for substructures and approaches for 124 bridge projectsthat will be constructed all over the Philippines. <br />Soils/Materials Engineer<br />:Supervised subsoil investigation of road alignment and bridge sites and evaluated the pavement bearing course for existing pavement.<br />:Supervised the investigation of sources of suitable construction materials for embankment fill, subbase, base and concrete aggregates and location of quarries and outline material testing procedures required.<br />:Prepared soils and Materials Report of the project.<br />Oct. 2001-Sept. 2002:1.00 yr.<br />Techniks Group Corporation <br />Reconstruction of Bridges along Arterial Roads Project, Phase IV, department of Public Works and Highways.<br />Project involved the design and construction supervision of three packages involving 15 bridges located in the Manila North Road and Manila-Allacapan Section of Pan-Philippine Highway.<br />Soils/Materials Engineer<br />:Supervised subsoil investigation of road alignment and bridges and evaluated the pavement bearing course for existing pavement.<br />:supervised test pitting and auger borings of bridges approaches.<br />:Conducted investigation of materials sources, evaluation of actual quantity available. Verification of accessibility and distance from project site and quality of material deposit.<br />: Prepared soils and Materials Report.<br />July 2000 – Sept. 2001:1.25 yrs.<br />Techniks Group Corporation<br />Detailed Engineering and Design of ADB 6th Road Project, Bridge Component, DPWH<br />Project consisted of 127 bridges; 5 in Regions II and III in Luzon and 122 located in Regions IX, X and XII in Mindanao. It is part of the 400 bridges selected by DPWH for replacement, repair and/or retrofitting.<br />Soils Materials Engineer<br />:Supervise subsoil investigation of road alignment and bridge sites evaluated the pavement bearing course for existing pavement.<br />:Provided Engineering analysis on pile bearing capacities and probable soil liquefaction of bridge site.<br />:Prepared Soils and Materials Report<br />June 1996 – June 2000:4.08 yrs.<br />Techniks Group Corporation<br />Construction Supervision of Kabankalan – Sipalay – Basay Road Project, Negros Occidental, DPWH<br />Soils Materials Engineer<br />:Monitored sampling and testing of all materials used during concreting operations and ensured compliance with specifications<br />:Supervised site testing during asphalting operations, evaluated rate of application, temperature of mixes and maintained daily spread record<br />:Maintained and recorded all materials used and prepared reports on job quality control<br />:Prepared and submitted all tests data in the prescribed format and updated daily activities in the materials logbook<br />:Exercised supervision over technical personnel with the laboratory and field testing of all materials prior to incorporation into the work<br />:Prepared and submitted Monthly Materials Report<br />:Ensured that materials and workmanship are at all times in accordance with plans and specifications.<br />June 1994 – May 1996:2.00 yrs.<br />Techniks Group Corporation<br />Construction Supervision of Rosales – Lupao – San Jose – Nueva Ecija Road, IBRD Project, DPWH<br />Materials Engineer<br />:Directed and Supervised Laboratory Personnel in performing quality assurance testing of all construction materials.<br />:Calibrate concrete batching plant and laboratory testing equipment in conformance with ASTM and AASHTO specifications.<br />:Supervised the implementation of guidelines and procedures in the operation of the batching plant to meet the standards of quality of the projects produced.<br />:Analyzed and reviewed concrete mixed designs and reports submitted by Contractor.<br />:Prepared frequency of tests in accordance with contract quantities<br />:Conducted regular field inspection to check Contractor’s work for compliance with specifications.<br />:Prepared and submitted Monthly Materials Report.<br />Jan. 1990 – May 1994:4.41 yrs.<br />ACCURA Construction Corp.<br />Vernida I Bldg., Amorsolo St., Makati City<br />Projects involved in :<br />- Hall Justice Buildings in the Provinces of Albay, <br /> Sorsogon, Samar, and Bohol. <br /> <br />- Foundation for 32- storey Vernida 8 Bldg.<br />- Radio Station and transmitter house<br />-Several commercial, industrial, and residential Buildings <br />Project Officer/Project Engineer<br />:Checked construction schedules, and construction<br />and construction methods submitted by the contractors.<br />:Acted on letter-request, issued Site Instructions and prepared other documents that may be required in the performance of duty.<br />:Checked Working Drawings, Shop Drawings, Erection Drawings and As-Built Drawings.<br />:Clarified to the contractor the owners’ stand on the meaning and intent of the contract in case of ambiguous provisions.<br />:Evaluated the progress and conferred with the contractor of the findings, recommended remedial measures to rectify deficiencies if there is any, suggested construction methods and strategies to smoothen and speed up operation when so needed.<br />:Checked or prepared proposal for changes in plan to suit field conditions and/or when needed.<br />:Checked cost proposal for Variation Orders and negotiate with the contractor for a lesser and more realistic but mutually acceptable amount.<br />:Checked and certified Statement of work Accomplishment including back-up computation.<br />;Safe keeping of construction records and all other relevant project documents.<br />Jan. 1985 – Aug. 1989:4.67 yrs.<br />RBL Construction <br />Alicia, Isabela<br />Projects involved in :<br />- Restoration of Naguillan Bridge<br />- Restoration of Isabela State University <br /> Auditorium<br />- Asphalting of Gamu-Roxas Road<br />-Concreting of PCCP of various roads implemented by local government of Isabela.<br />Projects Engineer<br />:Directed project supervision as those in VINHAR Construction, including the preparation of construction schedules, cost estimates, progress report, graphs and charts, and other documents for bidding and billing purposes.<br />Jan. 1979 – Dec. 1984:5.50 yrs.<br />Commission on Audit<br />Regional Office No. III, San Fernando,<br />Pampanga<br />Technical Property Inspector<br />Head, TPI (Chief, Property Inspection Section)<br />and State Auditor<br />:Conduct technical review of government contract, evaluated variation orders, request for time extension and price escalations and recommended the necessary course of action thereto.<br />:Supervised subordinate Technical Property Inspectors in the conduct of their official duties.<br />Aug. 1975 – June. 1979:3.91 yrs.<br />UPRP/CRIP-National Irrigation Administration<br />Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija and Quezon, Isabela<br />Projects involved in :<br />- LTRIS Diversion Dam<br />- Talaca Catch Dam<br />- Irrigation Canals and Appurtenance Structures<br />-Drainage Facilities <br />-Farm to Market Roads<br />-RCDG bridges<br />Instrument man/Assistant Planning Engineer/<br />Construction Engineer<br />:Established horizontal and vertical control<br />:Lead the survey party in laying centerline of irrigation canals and roads<br />:Conducted cross-sectioning and computed the corresponding earthwork quantities.<br />:Prepared Construction Cost Estimates, Program of Works, Bar Diagrams and Cutting Schedules, Shop Drawings, Project Progress Reports and other papers required for budget allocations, project monitoring, and managerial control for proper implementation of the projects.<br />:supervised the construction of same to ensure its completion as scheduled and within budget as well.<br />12. CERTIFICATION:I, the undersigned certify that to the best of my <br />knowledge and belief, that the information in the bio-data are true and correctly describes myself, my qualifications and my experiences. I understand that any willful misstatement described herein may lead to my disqualification or dismissal, if employed.<br />SIGNATURE:<br /> <br /> Venancio Z. Sarmiento<br />