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Cruise Holiday


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Geo Travel deals with Inbound and Outbound and Domestic tours handling.
It offers comprehensive travel services with in Pushkar- Rajasthan, Geo Travel is Rajasthan leading independent Tour Handling company offering an extensive range of services to suit every traveller – especially those who enjoy the independence and flexibility of planning their own holiday experience.

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Cruise Holiday

  1. 1. Cruise Holiday Package Have a time of your life as you cruise on the frothy sea waves. Sea cruises provide a great mix of adventure and peace and have become a hit among the aficionados of adventure tourism. Choose any from a variety of our sea cruises and get a chance to explore some of the most enchanting places that reverberate with their vibrant cultural traditions. The price of your cruise ticket includes all of your meals and in-between snack on-board, stateroom activities, parties and entertainment. CRUISES WE OFFER Royal Caribbean Cruise (From 3 nights to 3 weeks) * Cruises in and around USA * Europe * Australasia Princess Cruises (From 7 nights to 7 weeks) * Europe * Australasia * Alaska Star Cruises (From 2 nights to 7 nights) * Cruises in the Far East region i.e. * Singapore * Thailand * Malaysia * China etc. SAMPLE ITINERARIES OF SOME OF THE CRUISES Mediterranean / Atlantic Rome - Monte Carlo - Barcelona - Lisbon - Vigo - Lavis - London - Brussels - Amsterdam - Copenhagen
  2. 2. Straits of Mallaca Cruise Singapore - Phuket - Langkawi - Singapore - Port Dickson - Kuala Lampur - Singapore Bahamas Port Canaveval, Florida - Nassau - Coco Bay - Port Canaveval, Florida Caribbean Miami - Playa Del Cavmen, Mexico - George Town - Ocho Rios, Jamaica - Ovenjestad, Avuba - Willemstad, Cuvacao - Miami. 7- Night Alaska Sailing on the Infinity Vancouver, British Columbia - Cruising Inside Passage - Juneau, Alaska - Skagway, Alaska - Hubbard Glacier (Cruising) - Ketchikan, Alaska What can you find on Cruises? Sea cruises offer something for everyone. They provide great opportunities to enjoy the most exciting sports like Rock- climbing, Ice-skating, Basketball and a variety of others. Once you set out on a cruise, there is a world of interesting activities you can indulge in. It includes wine-tasting, floral design, French table settings, computer courses and much more! For those inclined towards the academics, there are special arrangements for highly informative lecture sessions on a variety of subjects ranging from astrology to wild life. And if you are on board to spend some time in peace and tranquility, some special sessions of yoga and meditation are also in the offing. Families can also take advantage of the programs for "toddlers to teens" available on most cruises. There are special activities geared to the various age groups, so you will never hear the kids say, "I'm bored!" Computers, virtual reality and even video arcades will delight kids of all ages. NOTE: SERVICES OFFERED BY US * We offer services of tours and Sight seeing for any number of days and in any category of hotel. * Extensions possible to countries like Thailand, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong etc. * Cruises offered to various places as extensions. * Apartment facilities (if available) in any country. * Self driven cars and rail passes for extensive travel in European countries.