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Scene break down


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Scene break down

  1. 1. Cell Block 33CELL BLOCK 33Characters:Top Don, Stabber - CarlaAccomplice - NicoleNewbie - Yasmine ‘ Yas’Governor – Ms Stella SullivanGuard 1 – Mr. Mitchell WatsonGuard 2 – Mr. Rajan ChandraGuard 3 – Mr. JoeGuard 4 – Mr. Boris McKenzieCarla’s Boyfriend – ZackVictim – KateTherapist – Mr. MoorlandPossible Sets:Prison common roomIndividual cellsTherapist RoomGovernor’s OfficeCourt YardGuard Mess roomNotes: Subplots to be added to the story by the Director and Assistant when the individual scenes are handed over. Please feel free to add bits or take bits away from your scene but try not to deviate from the main plot or create things that will alter story. The ending is still to be written that will be completed by Thursday Evening by the Director and Assistant. Please send copies of your script to me at Email: If you are stuck or don’t understand something and need help give me a call on 07955 965585.Written By George Streather
  2. 2. Cell Block 33Scene 1 - New Arrival - Marie 3 newbies arrive at prison accompanied by Watson and Chandra. They are left in the middle of the room and the Guards leave. The Prisoners surround the newbie’s. Carla steps forward toward the newbie’s and her gang stands around them to prevent them from running away. Dialogue 1 is said which it Carla and gang introducing them into the prison and basically saying they rule and to do what they say. (Must show that Carla rules the prison and that she really isn’t a nice person, may stay the same dialogue.) Song: ‘Welcome to our fine institution’ Dialogue 2: (Please rewrite to show the 3 girls problems and show that Yasmine is completely innocent, try to write so that the audience empathies with her.)Scene 2 - Governors Office - Logan Governor’s Office, Dialogue 3: (Fresh Scene, Sullivan wants Boris to perform a task which he isn’t comfortable with doing or just doesn’t want to do it or it’s against the rules, you decide. Sullivan seduces him and he decides to do the task. Please try and make it tense, funny and exiting. It MUST show how she can manipulate people.) Yasmine is brought in by Watson to meet the Governor to introduce the rules of the prison and have a discussion about her case. Dialogue 4 (Try and define that Carla is Top Don and how it is run, pointing out certain Guards strictness.) Must say that she needs to go to the therapy class first and then she will be shown to her cell.Scene 3 – Therapist - Sathma A small amount of girls are in a therapy session. Dialogue 5: Touch up on existing Therapy scene. Must show Nicole as a horrible person who doesn’t listen and is rude to the therapist. Other girl wary of her. Also have a confrontation of some kind between Carla and Nicole to show they don’t like each other. Add some humour and add a therapist with a much bigger personality. Try to get the prisoners sound like they haven’t got a hope in the world and make it as heartfelt if possible.Scene 4 – Yasmine becomes friends with Nicole - Navina Dialoged 6: Yasmine is put into a cell, she is put in with Nicole and they start to talk to one another. This scene must show that Nicole is trying to be bad but shows her true self to Yasmine. Up to you how. Nicole and Yasmine talking. (Must find a similar hobby or interest that pulls them together so that they become good friends and that they like one another, this is very important.)Written By George Streather
  3. 3. Cell Block 33 Buzzer sounds and they go out for inspection. (Try to include rude line about the Guards but point out that Chandra is a nice guard who the prisoners listen to.)Scene 5 – Prisoner drill and lead up to flash back - Nazish Girls all gather round the centre of the stage for a drill. Watson walks onto the stage followed by Chandra. Watson leaves Chandra to do the drill whilst he goes off to talk to Sullivan. Nicole takes Yasmine and they both sneak off to avoid the inspection. Dialogue 7: This is between Chandra and the Prisoners. (You MUST make sure that Chandra is put over as a very relaxed character. He must be a very polite and caring person but always seems to have his head in the clouds. He must inspect the prisoners. This could be a really funny moment.) This must cross cut with Nicole and Yasmine talking somewhere, hiding away from the Guards. Nicole has a pack of Beer that she got from the Joe. Dialogue 8: Nicole and Yasmine get slightly drunk and Nicole starts to tell Yasmine of how she came to the prison.Scene 6 – Flash Back - Michael Nicole has a flash back about her and her friend Carla who is also in jail. Dialogue 9: This scene must show Nicole and Carla as friends. Carla decided to beat up Kate for cheating on Carla’s boyfriend. Nicole only beat her up and wasn’t the one who stabbed her and didn’t even know about it. Nicole reacts badly to what Cara has done, ‘took it too far’. One of Nicole’s friends let it slip that Cara planned the whole thing and didn’t panic then stab him. She loses all trust in Carla and they become enemies rather then friends. It must show Nicole become a rival Don in the prison over time. All the time this goes on, the present Nicole must narrate all or some of the flash back. It must come back from the flash back to the present day and the girls must say something like, “Come on let’s get back to the dogs!”Scene 7 – Guards Lecture - Parnyan This scene is the comedy and romantic scene. Dialogue 10: Watson is lecturing the other Guards about best practice and that they all should be more aggressive. All the way through this, Boris must be making notes and trying to ask intelligent questions. This scene must try to show that the guards aren’t really very good guards and they all just do what Watson tells them. Dialogue 11: Then Sullivan comes in and Watson dismisses the guards to have a private talk with Sullivan. (This moment is entirely up to you what happens but it must be romantic and show they date or something like that!)Written By George Streather
  4. 4. Cell Block 33Scene 8 – Dinner – Sara The bell will ring for dinner. Prisoners will get there food with the marching sequence. They will sit down and when eating, Yas will, accidently, nock her drink over Carla. Dialogue 12: Carla will start to have a go at Yas but Nicole steps in to stop them. Carla MUST go on about how she’s Top Don. This must be a very heartfelt scene. Carla needs to go for Yasmine but the guards stop it fairly quickly and take Yas, Nicole and Carla into a separate cell that are right next to one another so that they can hear each other. A song needs to be written for this scene between the three girls to show Stacey and Nicole their friendship and the chances they still have.Scene 9 – Something dramatic - Zahra Dialogue 13: Up Roar among inmates. Carla and Nicole must relies the need each other and slowly start to become friends.Scene 10 – Therapist reprise - Rajan The therapist is away so Chandra has to take the session. This scene must include humour, romance and a bit of tragedy. Dialogue 14: He talks to the girls about work and then goes on to relationships and includes the talk about, ‘Why not to murder your boyfriend!’ (You can work on that line). The girls somehow manage to turn the discussion round and on to him. They must try to get it so that Chandra find out he loves the Governor. They give him advice and write some things to say on his hand. He leaves the Therapy session early to go and express his love to Sullivan. Dialogue 15: He enters her office and says he loves her and reads from his hand. When he looks up he sees that she is with Watson. He gives a sad look and exits. Try to make the Audience feel sorry for him.Scene 11 – Nicole tries to get an education - George Dialogue 16: Nichole needs to talk to Joe about doing a course to try and get some A level results or some kind of education. Carla over sees her talk with Joe and starts to soften Carla don’t think she could make fresh start. Joe does get her on to a course and this starts her on the right track back. Show scene of her on the course. 1 year left in prison Talk with Yasmine and Nichole in their cell.Scene 12 – Become friend again - Sara & Zahra Dialogue 17: Prisoners have a free time session when they are playing games. Nicole and Carla must have a big emotional scene in which they express how much they miss each other.Written By George Streather
  5. 5. Cell Block 33Scene 13 – Parnyan Dialogue 18: Nichole says good bye to Carla and promises she will get yasmins case reviewed.Scene 14 – Chat show - Sathma & Logan Dialogue 19: Nichole is on a chat show talking about her new book and that she’s trying to get a new case for Yasmine. Brief talk about experience in jail.Scene 15 – End Scene - George Dialogue 20: Court room, showing Yasmine has been found innocent and the real killer caught. Shows her thanks to Nichole and news that Carla will get early release for turning her life around.Written By George Streather