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Festival plan

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Festival plan

  1. 1. CRANFORDCOMMUNITY COLLEGE International Festival July 2011
  2. 2. Artistic Policy• What is the purpose and concept behind our festival?• This festival is an international arts festival which brings the local community together.• The purpose of this festival is to share Cranford’s talent with our communities as it is an international festival. The whole idea of this festival is so that everyone comes together and share each others culture as well as their talents.• What are the requirements that will drive decisions made?• This festival is based around the 2012 Olympics which are being held in London next year. This inspires the festival to have acts which involves different talents from different cultures and countries which reflect that this is an international event. As this is an Arts festival we want to engage our target in a range of different performances including dancing, singing, bands and acting. Written by Parnyan Islamzadhe
  3. 3. Programme Content ACT ELEVEN – ZUMBA ACT ONE - METRONOMESMetronomes Live Steel Band 12.10 – 12.55pm Diane Chaz Participatory Zumba 2.25 – 2.45pm Khechab session for all! ACT TWO – JKR DANCERS ACT TWELVE – PRICETAGJasleen, Kavlin, Rachna Pussycat Dolls ‘Jai Ho’ 1.00 – 1.05pm Simran, Payal, Priya Taylor Swift’s ‘You 2.50 – 2.55pm belong with me’ ACT THREE – RICARD’S LODGE SCHOOL PERFORMERSAnnie, Nell, Molly Ann, ‘Give Me Everything’ 1.10 - 1.15pm ACT THIRTEEN –STUDENT ROCK BANDRhianna, Isin, Matilda, Jake, Sujan, James, LIVE Student Rock Band 3.00 – 3.05pmRyane Roland, Akash and ACT FOUR – FRENCH SINGERS SairaMs Painting and her Yr7 ‘le college – c’est super’ – 1.20 – 1.25pmFrench Class ‘school’s great’ ACT FOURTEEN – MS GREEN Fran Green ‘Walking on Sunshine’ 3.10 – 3.15pm And ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ ACT FIVE – SOLO URBAN DANCERyan Hodges ‘Champion’ 1.30 – 1.35pm ACT SIX – LAMPTON ACADAMY PERFORMERS ACT FIFTEEN – METAMORPHOSISVrishni & Vrinda ‘Strani Amore’ 1.40 – 1.45pm Dean, Daniel, Performance of Franz 3.20 – 3.35pm ACT SEVEN – GREECE SIDE STORY Milan, Gaganpreet Kaftka’s MetamorphosisStagecoach ‘Greece Side Story’musical 1.45 – 1.55pm and Nima ACT EIGHT - LADYZ ACT SIXTEEN - PIANISTSJade, Daniella, Urusha, ‘Valerie’ 1.55 – 2pm Zayn and Parikisit The Outstanding 3.40 – 3.45pmElaha Cranford Pianists ACT NINE – STREET DANCERS ACT SEVENTEEN – BHANGRA DANCERSHanifa, Pedro, Imran, ‘Potion’ 2.05 – 2.10pm Hazra, Dalvinder, Medley of Bhangra 3.50 – 3.55pmZirak, Surya, Anisa Satvir, Lakhvir, Jaspreet ACT TEN - JOSEPH ACT EIGHTEEN - METRONOMESJoseph Barratt Rapping 2.15 – 2.20pm Metronomes Live Steel Band 4.00 – 4.30pm Written by Marie Hughes
  4. 4. Timings for Staff/Students involved• Who needs to be where and at what time on the festival day?• 8am – C&M team and staff arrive in school and put on tshirts• 8.30 – Bring Sound Equipment to stage area 9am - Ensure stage is set up and decide on tarpaulin (on or off)• 9.30am – Decorate stage with materials, balloons and sign• 9.45am – Sound Checks• 10am – Stage Manager to call Team Meeting reminding all of roles• 10.15 – All take positions and check everything is in place• 10.30 – Performers arrive in Green Room, Register and inform of plans• 10.45 – Practice on stage for performers from outside school• 12pm – Parade arrives at stage – Olympic Torch lit by Headteacher• 12.10 – Metronomes Start the programme of performances• (See programme of events)• 3.45 – Runners and Spare Stage hands clean out DR2, concert Hall, Green Room• 4.30 – Stage Pack Down• 6pm – Leave Written by Marie Hughes
  5. 5. Target Audience• Who is the audience• Families, local community, teachers, ex-teachers, students, parents.• What do we know about them?• As we are close to the Heathrow our audience will be from a diverse range of backgrounds.• They range from babies to grandparents – wide range of ages• How does this impact on the types of acts chosen• There would be a variety of acts from different cultures to appeal to all our audience members Written by Navina Shete
  6. 6. FundingItem Cost Amount Needed Total CostCost of printing posters A3 paper 20p per sheet 20 A4, 10 A3 for auditions £15 A4 paper 10p per sheet 50A4, 30 A3 for festivalCost of printing leaflets ?Cost of distributionBuying costume Feathers £69.18materials Cellophane Tissue Paper Glitter Aluminium Wire StringDJ cost -6th Former and school equipment NONET-shirts £3 per t-shirt Talent stage £51 12 students 5 staffT-shirt printing paper £9.99 for 10 sheets 30 sheets £29.97Cost of Ink for TshirtPrintingContingency Fund Total = Written by Zahra Printer
  7. 7. Staging Layout and Dimensions• We are aiming for the stage to be about 8m by 3.5m and for it to be in front of the line of trees in front of the Concert Hall. We will cover the fences of the picnic area to provide a safe secure place to store equipment and a place for performs to warm up.• This leaves about 5 meters for the mats and walkway.• I believe there is a suitable power supply from the concert hall to power the sound equipment. We will provide matts for people to sit on but they may use a chair if they have one. We must make sure there is a suitable walkway for the public which has yet to be agreed.• How much space do we need to leave for walkers by?• How close to the 8m by 3.5 m stage can we have? Written by George Streather
  8. 8. Canopy8m 5m Stage Plan - Layout Mats Stage 8m 3.5m 22m2.8m 4m 2m Storage 8m Sides of fence covered to protect equipment Concert Hall – Overnight storage
  9. 9. Sound Requirements• We don’t need an excess amount of equipment but the basics are: Speakers, Microphones, Mixer, Amplifier, Power cable, CD player.• We are trying to get a DJ who will play music between acts and run any music the acts require.• At the moment we are unsure as to the type of acts we are going to have so equipment will need to be in ‘reachable’ distance all day.• I don’t think there is a cost involved in using the equipment as I believe we are using the school equipment. This is yet to be confirmed.• Where are we allowed to position the speakers? Written by George Streather
  10. 10. Specific Sound Equipment Required
  11. 11. Staffing on the Day• There are a number of tasks that will need to happen on the day and you need to work out who will do what. Your staffing should include (SSA, BBR. MWQ, CCT and all C&M students) Role Who? Stage Manager George PR Manager Parnyan Host Sara Sound Technician Michael Safety Officer Navina Stage Hand Nazish, Marie, Logan, Rajan Runner Zahra, Khatra, Sathma, Additional Supervisory Staff SSA, BBR, CCT, MWQ Written by Navina Shete
  12. 12. Promotional ResponsibilitiesWho? Specific Roles What is needed?Michael Website, Pop-Up, Poster,McCauley AssemblySara Khan Concourse Marketing, Assembly, Poster Design, CompetitionParnyan Tannoy, Poster, Assembly, Pop-Islamzadeh upNavina Radio, Poster, Assembly,Shete FacebookNazish Leafet Distribution, Assembly,Hussain Poster, RadioMarie Promo Video, Poster, AssemblyHughesGeorge Promo Video, Poster, AssemblyStreatherZahra Banner, Assemblies, PosterPrinter Written by Michael McCauley
  13. 13. Four Week Plan WEEK BEGINNING TASK COMPLETION NOTESMonday 2nd May -Ideas brainstorming Friday 7th MayMonday 9th May -Finalise festival idea Friday 14th -Meet with SLT coordinator (JJO) May -Ideas for the Festival logo -Decide on the final festival logoMonday 16th May -Talk to the stage director (telling him what we want and what he thinks) Friday 21st -Have a meeting with the SLT coordinator about the logo May -Create posters for the auditions -Create a PowerPoint for the auditions -Send emails to the tutors concerning the auditions -Send emails to staff concerning the auditions. -Finally logo should be done -Search people that we would like to perform at the Festival -Have the posters published -Have the PowerPoint running in the dining hall -Discuss the roles for Cranfords Got TalentMonday 23rd May -Contact people Friday 28th -Research for team shirts for the festival May -Meeting with the caretaker -Another meeting with SLT for the conformation of logo -Contact the local radio stations to ask if we can promote the festival through them Written by Nazish Hussain
  14. 14. Four Week Plan Continued Monday 30th May COMPLETION: NOTES: HALF TERM!!! Monday 6th June -Make and print the posters to advertise the Cranford Monday 13th June International Festival -Make the PowerPoint that will run in the dining hall which will be advertising the Festival -A newsletter for the Cranford International Festival -Go to assemblies to announce the auditions that will take place the following week -Go to tutor groups to announce the Cranford International Festival. Monday 13th June -Auditions take place Monday 20th June -Go to assemblies to announce the Cranford International Festival -Get a DJ for the Cranford International FestivalMonday 20th June -Visit Hayes FM to announce Cranford International Festival Monday 27th June -Visit Punjab Radio to announce Cranford International Festival -Prepare the tannoy announcement -Call backs for the auditions for borderline actsMonday 27th June -Go to assemblies to announce Cranford International Friday 1st July The week of the festival. Festival -Give out leaflets -Visit Punjab Radio to announce Cranford International Festival -Do the tannoy announcement
  15. 15. Cranford’s Got Talent – Audition Plan • Where is it happening? • It is in the concert hall on Monday 13 th Of July • What time? • From 3.30 to 5.30 • Who is on the judging panel? • Out of the teachers its Mrs Joyce, Mrs Saroya, Mrs Cartwright and Mr Bray, Out of the creative diploma group( Level 2) Sara a nd Zahra • What is the layout? • The Teachers will sit together about 3-4 metres away from the stage in a straight line with one of the students either side but with the tables tilted inwards(for both students only) • Audience will then sit 3 metres further back. • What are the roles of each L2 C&M student? (filming, operating sound, introducing acts, Judging, backstage – green room?) • George will operate sound, Micheal will assist as sound technician, Parnyan will host the acts, Zahra and Navina are runners and Sara will be assisting judges and managing, Nazish and Marie will film performances. • What is the running order for acts? • See next slide • Who will brief acts at beginning of auditions & what will they say? (e.g where should acts sit when they are waiting? Do they have rehearsal time? When will outcomes be announced?) • At the beginning of auditions Marie will say “welcome to Cranford festival auditions, you are excepted to come on stage when your name or the name of the act is called and to stand ready and begin once your track is on or when we give you a queue to start . The green room is where you will wait and rehearse if you want during the whole time in the green room which will be DR2 or sit a nd wait patiently and when your act Is due on stage we will come in and call you. • During the whole of Auditions we would like you to stay in the green room(DR2) at all times unless asked for, if you need to leave for example to go toilet check with us first as your act might be next and respect all other acts and keep the noise down as it may disrupt people performing. Once auditions have finished we will ell you the following day which of you will perform at the fe stival, from their we will see how we can improve your act or just keep it the same . Written by Sara Khan
  16. 16. Audition Schedule 13 Daniella, Urusha and Elaha Singing and DancingOrder Name of Act/Students Type of Act 14 The Groovy Chicks Singing and Dancing 1 French singers Singing Ikram, Alisha, Najma, RPG’s Year 7 class Jasveen and co 2 Forever and Always Singing and Payal and Hazel Dancing 15 Jade Roopraye Singing 3 The Dance Singing 16 Sannah and Marriya Singing Arrandeep Arri and Sajan 17 Huda Yusuf Singing Rajpoot 18 Amritpal Rayat Singing and Dancing 4 Price Tag Singing 19 Pariksit and Zayn Piano Simran and Priya 5 Juicy Bees Dance 20 Michael Hart Singing and Dancing Junaid, Jorge and Marco 21 Khatra Ahmed Singing 6 Harleen and Payal Singing 22 Bruna and Sophie Singing 7 Saira Kurshid Singing 23 Amis Dancing 8 Jaslin, Kavlin and Rachana Singing and 24 Zirak Dancing Dancing 9 Payal Sengupta Singing 25 Hanifa and Raela Singing 10 Star track Hero Singing 26 Hanifa Dancing Catarina 27 Imran Dancing 11 Surya Vatharajan Dance 28 Pedro Dancing 12 Luca White Singing Bruna
  17. 17. Audition Sign Up Sheet
  18. 18. Judging Sheet