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URISA Connect Proper Care and Feeding of Metadata


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Do you feel you are overrun with metadata requests? Does dealing with metadata make you want to lose your mind? With preparation, the care and feeding of metadata maintenance will no longer constitute time-killing drudgery.

In this webinar several tips and tricks for taming metadata will be presented. After reviewing the different options for geospatial metadata, each section of the Federal Geographic Data Committee's Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata will be discussed in detail. By the end of the workshop, participants should be comfortable enough with the CSDGM to take provided sample files and create their own template.

Ultimately, by taking a few small steps to making metadata meaningful and manageable, it will also go from savage to subdued.

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URISA Connect Proper Care and Feeding of Metadata

  1. 1. Proper Care and Feeding of Metadata Ryan E. Bowe, GISP Photo Science, Inc. – A Quantum Spatial Company Vanguard Cabinet Member Cumberland URISA Secretary
  2. 2. What worked last year…
  3. 3. That’s the tip of the iceberg!
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