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Geo Sol About Geo Thermal


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Geo Sol About Geo Thermal

  1. 1. Geothermal Save Energy, Save Money, Make our Energy, World a Better Place to Live
  2. 2. Geothermal Basics Geothermal About • Use the Greenhouse Effect • Efficient thoughtout the whole year • World first system was introduced 1945 in the US
  3. 3. Geo Heat Map Geothermal About • Efficient in the Charlotte Area
  4. 4. Geothermal System Geothermal Systems • Highly energy efficient • Low operating costs • Made in the US
  5. 5. Hydronic Geo Thermal Systems • Perfect for use in conjunction Hydronic installations
  6. 6. Costs and Installation Geothermal Costs & Support • $4-6000 per ton • 3.5x as efficient as air heat pump • Reduces heat/cooling bill 50-75%
  7. 7. Governmental support Geothermal Costs & Support • Tax rebates available –Federal 30%, no cap –State 35%, $3,500 max