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The Safer Bloomsbury Campaign

For keeping the protected cycle tracks in Tavistock Place.
Presentation to The Knowledge Quarter (Advocacy and Communications Subgroup) 29-3-2016

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The Safer Bloomsbury Campaign

  1. 1. 1Camden Cycling Campaign March 2016 Safer Bloomsbury: Keeping the protected cycle tracks in Tavistock Place Keeping the protected cycle tracks in Tavistock Place George Coulouris and Jean Dollimore Camden Cycling Campaign
  2. 2. 2Camden Cycling Campaign March 2016 The Scheme Before: Road space shares – morning peak (Camden): After:
  3. 3. 3Camden Cycling Campaign March 2016 In context
  4. 4. 4Camden Cycling Campaign March 2016 Benefits • Safety for cyclists and pedestrians. The previous 2-way track had safety issues resulting in several serious injury collisions: For people on bikes: – motor & cycle - mainly due to westbound motors turning right, e.g. into Gordon Street and not seeing cycles on their right – cycle & cycle – due to narrow and bendy 2-way track For pedestrians: Confusion when crossing the 2-way track – need to look left/right too many times, little space to wait. • Tranquility and improved air quality in this predominantly pedestrian area • Reduced rat running in connection with the West End Project • Making the option of cycling to work more attractive
  5. 5. 5Camden Cycling Campaign March 2016 Safer Bloomsbury? • A campaign to demonstrate the level of support that exists for safe and attractive conditions for cycling to work or college in Bloomsbury. • Follows in the footsteps of CyclingWorks, a successful effort to garner business support for the approval of TfL’s E-W and N-S segregated Cycle Superhighways.
  6. 6. 6Camden Cycling Campaign March 2016 Supporters to date 31 Organisations – 9 Education institutions – 20 businesses – 2 charities
  7. 7. 7Camden Cycling Campaign March 2016 How KQ can help • Camden needs to receive statements of support from as many individual organisations in KQ as possible • An overall statement from KQ would also be very powerful. • Details at: Thank you!