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Radio Trailer Codes And Convetions


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Radio Trailer Codes And Convetions

  1. 1. Radio Trailer Codes And Conventions Georgina Rees S
  2. 2. Facts S A radio trailer needs to contain facts and statistics to make it informative and provide knowledge for the listener. S These facts should convince the listener to want to watch the documentary as it should make it sound interesting. S Facts will make the documentary radio trailer sound more professional and realistic. In my radio trailer, I will use facts on the Brighton Marathon. S The use of facts will also show a thoroughly researched product, which is the effect I am aiming for. S A catchy slogan may also be used to entice the audience. The documentary should include essential information about the documentary such as the title date, time and channel.
  3. 3. Voiceover S Voiceovers are used in most radio trailers. Voiceovers guides the listener through what is being portrayed in the radio trailer. The voiceover will often connect to the audience and make the listener feel like they are personally involved. They will do this by using words such as ‘you’ to directly address to the audience. S A voiceover also explains what the documentary is about, informing the audience and trying to promote the documentary. The radio trailer will set a mood for the documentary and set the genre. This will be done through the tone of voice, use of music and language used.
  4. 4. Music S Music is often used in radio trailers. The music is used to set the pace and atmosphere for the listener. S Throughout my research, I have listened to many radio trailers. One key point I have learnt is that I need to ensure, if I decide to use music, that the narration can still be heard.
  5. 5. Length S All radio trailers vary but the average length is 30-40 seconds. This is enough time for the listener to be informed of the documentary, but it is not too long that information is given away. From the radio trailer, the listener should want to watch the programme. S Vox pops and interviews are sometimes used that are taken from the documentary. This portrays different opinions as well as giving the listener an insight of what the documentary is going to be about. The radio trailer should include extracts from the documentary to engage the listener and persuade them to watch the documentary.