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  • NOTES: £750,000 programme established Participation – getting more people involved Attachment – building sense of identity Innovation - trying things in new ways
  • Bottom 20% of arts engagement in the country – Taking Part survey. No RFOs in the city Following a 3 month scoping study of local needs ( lit review, workshops with local people, community groups and third sector orgs) Set up in the context of localism and decentralisation with a move to decisions being brought closer to those most affected by them. Big Society – away from a ‘spectator society’ Austerity – council been budget cutting and making redundancies Emerging ideas around co-production – designing and delivering services with all key stakeholders. And Hidden Wealth – harnessing the hidden assets of our communities
  • Arts – working with artists and arts organisations to strengthen a sense of residents belonging to Peterborough and to improve the visibility and quality of arts and culture in the city Sustainable Citizenship – encouraging, testing and supporting ideas of local people in promoting green behaviour Recovery Capital – examines how best we can support people with drug and alcohol problems and create a community of support P’bro Curriculum – developing part of the school curriculum to better connect young people learning from where they live Civic Commons – is a space where residents, local figures and leading thinkers can discuss the social challenges that matter to them and help them deliver change ChangeMakers – through use of social network analysis, identify, map and establish a group of people diriving positive change in the city
  • Community website Ning site – COST? Got 300 members Everyone must register – ask searching and relevant questions – if a martian came to Peterborough what would you show them to explain what the place was about Use google analytics and google alerts (tell us when someone mentions citizen power) Ottawa, Canada Relationship between them really important. Hashtag #citpower connects twitter to website in a feed Mutual reciprocation – retweeting is important, shares content, creates energy. 280 followers. Facebook 120 likes   Important because: We are not based in Peterborough but connects us to the city and its people. Presence in the city – people tell me they find out about events from Twitter Online is a space for meeting other people interested in or working on Citizen Power projects – seen some conversation develop this way Newsletters up there – archive of activity Explanation of the projects Create on line community that translates into a real community  
  • How to strengthen online ties between people – everyone gets a welcome and encouragement James Barbour – East Dulwich – Lib Dem councillor – blogged about haiku and road signs Don’t spread yourself too thin across too many digital platforms you’ve got to update
  • Needs to be resourced properly and thoughtfully – time and care Report back on the successes – personal feedback from people meet for first time (e.g. on twitter Christine Graham – you never know who is watching) FILM Created lots of film – can use the flip software if footage is near perfect. Also got Adobe Premier pro – a paid Intern shared their skills with some of the team. Learnt lots about how to create best possible footage. Skills exchange. Other digital applications that facilitate partnership working = glass cubes and flickr
  • Museum of the future – blog by Jasper Visser. Innovation and participation in culture blog. Inspired by Tessy Brittan’s work – social spaces, travelling pantry Research into Peterborough Community & Voluntary organisations use of social media by RSA Fellow Edward Truch – does connecting people online connect them in the real world too? Does it increase civic engagement? Making stronger links in Peterborough with Kind of Digital and increase engagement through social media Research into Peterborough Community and Voluntary organisations use of social media by RSA Fellow Edward Truch – does connecting people online connect them in the real world too? Does it increase civic engagement? RSAnimate – animation developed with Cognitive Media now had 50 million hits worldwide Keep learning.
  • Social media cannot be the only way to engage people – challenge as you can feel it is the easiest/quickest way to engage them – many project participants do not have access at home to internet, through family friend or Don’t engage at all because Lack of awareness of benefits Fear of technology Fear of the Internet – trust – think they are going to find violent films or porn Online participation doesn’t replace face to face but supports it – doesn’t substitute the hard stuff of people working together increase engagement through social media   Light touch (twitter and facebook) to encourage more in depth – can this case be made
  • Ken technology presentation 24.01.12

    1. 1. The role of technology in Citizen Power Peterborough: what we are learning Georgina Chatfield Knowledge Exchange Network. Participation and Engagement in the arts. Seminar 5.
    2. 2. Citizen Power Partnership between RSA, Peterborough City Council and Arts Council England, East Participation Attachment Innovation “ Places change for the better when you give people the power to do things differently. That takes courage and genuine commitment to new thinking and ways of working on the ground. Citizen Power is an excellent example of this” Irene Lucas, Former Director General, Department for Communities and Local Government
    3. 3. <ul><li>A city with strengths </li></ul><ul><li>Fast growing, dynamic leadership, culturally diverse and ambitious </li></ul><ul><li>A city with challenges </li></ul><ul><li>Limited sense of place, average levels of civic participation, low level of arts engagement, high levels of drug related offences </li></ul>Why Peterborough?
    4. 4. 6 strands of Citizen Power Arts and Social Change Sustainable Citizenship Recovery Capital Peterborough Curriculum Civic Commons Change Makers
    5. 5. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts   Social media strategy is one way to tackle @citpower Newsletter RSA blogs
    6. 6. Challenges Encouraging voices – as an open group participants don’t know who they are talking to – restricts conversation, particularly with those new to social media How to strengthen online ties between people Project partners and Councillors can find it difficult to present themselves online Managing dissenting voices – approach to this, how far to let it go
    7. 7. Ways of working Needs to be resourced properly and thoughtfully Needs to be reviewed from time to time Whole team needs to feel comfortable, confident and use social media and equipment Report back on the successes Cheap technologies – flip cam /
    8. 8. What’s next? Keep creative content coming Tumblr – create a digital scrapbook for documenting projects for the second commission New relationships - Kind of Digital and Culture Hack East Research into Peterborough Community & Voluntary organisations use of social media by RSA Fellow Edward Truch Developing a creative response to AHRC evaluation in form of an animation inspired by RSAnimate
    9. 9. What we’ve learnt Social media not the only way to engage Need to talk about social media face to face – this encourages online engagement The value of social media is in supporting and encouraging face-to-face interaction
    10. 10. Inspiration Tessy Brittan and Andy Gibson’s practical guide to using new technologies to deliver social impact Blog by Jasper Visser Innovation and participation in culture James Barber Lib Dem councillor for East Dulwich – community participation
    11. 11. <ul><li>Thank you </li></ul><ul><li>[email_address] </li></ul><ul><li>@georgina_arnold </li></ul><ul><li>@theRSAorg </li></ul>