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Face Off Film Opening Analysis


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Face Off Film Opening Analysis

  1. 1. Face off
  2. 2. CAMERA/MISE en SCENE SOUND This first shot shows a Blur Of objects which are not Yet clear. At this point the only Sound is an ‘adventure Style music’. The colours are dull. As the blur wizzes Across the screen, There is a Non-digetic ‘whoosh’ Sound.
  3. 3. CAMERA/MISE en SCENE SOUND This second shot shows The dull blur turn into A merry-go-round Spinning. The adventure music Continues, and we can Begin to hear laughter And people. Whish represents Happiness and fun. The colours are less Dull and lights from the Ride are in view. The Non-digetic ‘whoosh’ Sound is still Playing. The audience can now Interpret that the Opening scene is set at Some kind of fun fair.
  4. 4. CAMERA/MISE en SCENE SOUND Two characters are Introduced. We Immediately assume That they are father And son due to their Body language. In this shot the Man leans in and Kisses the child's Cheek. The music continues And the background of Laughter and people is Still heard, We can also see that The two characters Are riding on the merry-go-round.
  5. 5. CAMERA/MISE en SCENE SOUND This shows an Establishing shot Of where the filming is Taking place. The music becomes less ‘friendly’ at this point And drones are added Which creates suspense. We may also assume That it is a point of View shot. The audience will now Have clear knowledge Of the location. However, the sound of Laughter can still be Heard, and at this point The audience may Start to believe that Something is going to Go wrong.
  6. 6. CAMERA/MISE en SCENE SOUND The scene quickly cuts To a gun being Revealed as the white Cover hiding it is Pulled away. There is a non-digetic Sound of the cover Being pulled away From the camera. This will make the Audience realise that Someone is going to Get shot. (most likely One/both of the two Characters which have Previously been introduced to us. The music is now very Faint in the background And the drones have Taken over.
  7. 7. CAMERA/MISE en SCENE SOUND We are now introduced To a third character who Is throwing the cloth Which has been pulled Off of the gun. This leads us to believe That this character is The owner of the gun. The drones continue And a new, fast and Nerve racking beat Is added in the Background. Again, creating Suspense.
  8. 8. CAMERA/MISE en SCENE SOUND The next shot shows the third character aiming the gun, Which will Immediately brings Us to assume that He is going to shoot. The fast beats and Low drones continue Throughout this shot. His facial expressions Show concentration. He does not look Angry, which can Lead to many Interpretations.
  9. 9. CAMERA/MISE en SCENE SOUND We now go back to The first two Characters and see The man pulling the Child into him whilst They enjoy the ride. They appear to be Oblivious to the Third character With the gun. The ‘adventurous music’ rises a little at This point. This shows That they are unaware Of what is happening.
  10. 10. CAMERA/MISE en SCENE SOUND The next shot is Showing the Audience the aim of The gun. The music dies down Again and the beat And drones become Faster and faster. This is significant As we now know that The shooter’s Victim is the man with The child. We have also just Witnessed him pull The child into him, therefore we can see that If the man is shot, the child will be to.
  11. 11. CAMERA/MISE en SCENE SOUND We now see the Trigger being pulled, and Know that one/both Of the first characters Are going to be shot. The fast beats And drones continue.
  12. 12. CAMERA/MISE en SCENE SOUND The bullet is then Realised and comes Straight towards the Camera, which makes The audience feel more Uneasy. We know hear the Sound of the bullet Being released, as The beats and drones Also continue.
  13. 13. CAMERA/MISE en SCENE SOUND We next see the bullet Has shot through the Man. The drones are the Only music left playing, And digetic-sounds of groans from the shot man are heard. This is a very quick Shot which quickly Jump cuts to the next. As the man and child Fall from the ride.
  14. 14. CAMERA/MISE en SCENE SOUND We now see blood Stained on the horse Which leads us to Believe that the child Has also been shot. A slower, higher drone Has now begun to play.
  15. 15. CAMERA/MISE en SCENE SOUND We now see the Man look up in Shock at something In front of him. The high drones Continue to be heard.
  16. 16. CAMERA/MISE en SCENE SOUND Match on action is used As the camera moves From the man to the Dead child (what the Man had been looking At) as he pulls himself Across to him. Softer music begins to play.
  17. 17. CAMERA/MISE en SCENE SOUND The camera moves From the man who Now has the child in His arms and films The merry-go-round. The soft mourning Music continues.
  18. 18. CAMERA/MISE en SCENE SOUND As the merry-go-round Spins. An effect has been Added which makes The horses be viewed in A negative effect, This could be a Connotation resembling death. The music now begins to Fade as the opening Scene ends