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A2 media evaluation- Question two


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A2 media evaluation- Question two

  1. 1. How effective is the combination ofyour main task and ancillary texts?
  2. 2. I am representing my artist “Lauren Mills” as afresh, new, female R&B performer, and I neededto make this clear to my target audience.
  3. 3. To do so, I researched far into the elements ofR&B media products, and from this I found theappropriate costume and makeup, artist, albumand song name, distinctive choreography andediting techniques. I needed to consider all ofthese elements seriously, and find a practicalway in which I could incorporate them into allthree of my products.
  4. 4. Across my three products, I made sure to keepin mind that I am representing a young femaleR&B artist. Having concerns raised during pre-production as my actress was not a blackfemale, alike the original artist of my chosentrack, I knew that I had to understand andpresent the correct technical elements of anR&B style music video (and also throughout myancillary texts).
  5. 5. I needed to make my products as authentic aspossible, so when creating my ancillary texts, Imade sure that there was a strong connectionwith the final product for consistency, and Iresearched in strong detail in order to achievethe most accurate result possible.
  6. 6. Both my magazine advert and digipak are verysimilar, as I positioned Lauren in the samelocation, and also made sure that she waswearing the same costume. The lace dress andheels are also featured throughout the finalproduct, I chose to do this for continuity reasonsand I found that this particular style is verypopular with current R&B stars, this alsoensured brand recognition.
  7. 7. I kept the colours of both ancillary tasks veryneutral to maintain continuity, I found that themajority of album covers which inspired me hadvery high contrast levels, therefore to make myproducts as accurate to the R&B genre as possible, Iincreased the contrast, however decreased thesaturation levels to maintain the neutral effect. Ialso boosted up the contrast levels on my musicvideo to uphold the continuity of my threeproducts. This would contribute towards making itclear that the three products are promoting thesame artist.
  8. 8. The digipak and magazine advert include the sameimage of Lauren posing on the white furnishing. I alsoincorporated this chair in other images shown on thedigipak, this becomes recognisable and hopefullyenhance brand recognition due to the continuity ofprops used between each ancillary design.
  9. 9. I also found it important toportray the “Diva attitude”that the artist of my trackappears to have. I directedLauren to pull serious posesfor my ancillary tasks as thiswould compliment her fieryattitude throughout themusic video
  10. 10. My ancillary taskscomplement one anotheras I used the same font onthe album cover as I didon the magazine advert.The font was of a formalstyle, which enhanced theoverall neutralappearance that I wasaiming for.
  11. 11. The styles of my three productsare modern, sleek andattractive, which, fromresearch, I have found to beiconic elements of the R&Bgenre. Incorporating relevantforms of real media productsthroughout my tasks gives mytarget audience a clear idea ofthe genre I am promoting, andtherefore, with any luck,encouraging them to purchase.
  12. 12. I am confident that my products performaccurately with one another, not only due to theconsistency between them, but also becausethey portray that “Diva attitude” which isapparent throughout my chosen track.