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Pheon: One Game, Two Platforms, Mixed Success


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Presentation for Games: Creating Connections at the 2012 American Association of Museums Meeting in Minneapolis.

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Pheon: One Game, Two Platforms, Mixed Success

  1. 1. Georgina GoodlanderWeb & Social Media Content MgrSmithsonian American Art
  2. 2.
  3. 3. One GameTwo PlatformsMixed Success
  4. 4. Evaluation Reports w/UXR ConsultingFacebook GameAlternate-Reality Games in Casual Game21st Century Skills, Museum Literacy, and Enjoymentin
  5. 5. The online game
  6. 6. 68 people played.Cost per player = $500+ :(
  7. 7. Problem #1: Narrative“[The missions] could have been tied more tightly intothe narrative; as it stands, it didnt feel much differentfrom ordinary Facebook postings.”“I didnt understand how or if [the missions] related tothe gameplay and the storyline of Terra Tectus.”
  8. 8. Problem #2: FACEBOOK“Facebook games tend to have a lot of busywork withlittle enjoyment or reward, so there needs to be enoughinformation about the game […] to get me into it.”“… I do not like the idea of games/contests/etc. relyingon Facebook as it results in exclusion of those of us whodont like Facebook.”“… playing an ARG via Facebook seems rather lame.Kind of takes the punch out of it.”“Facebook sucks.”
  9. 9. Problem #3: Marketing“Never heard of or played the game so far. The idea isintriguing…”“I havent ever heard or played PHEON, but I think itwould be interesting to play a game like this…”“I did not know of it, and this type of game seemsinaccessible to me. Descriptions of this type of gameare often vague, and I dont know how to get involved.”“Id want to know more about it. Im still a little fuzzyon what it all means.”
  10. 10. The on site game
  11. 11. 21st Century Skills & Museum Literacy :)
  12. 12. 21st Century Skills: Technology literacy “I liked the interactiveness with the phone, but also how the game wasn’t just texting. The game didn’t rely too heavily on the phone, but instead included art and other clues.”
  13. 13. 21st Century Skills: Trial and error Player 1: This doesn’t make any sense. Player 2: I think I can actually picture the painting they are talking about. Player 1: We could text them a random guess and see what comes back. They try a random text which fails and they both laugh. Player 2: Random text guess. [shakes head and laughs]
  14. 14. 21st Century Skills: Re-reading and re-considering Teamwork
  15. 15. 21st Century Skills: Talking to strangers Inter- generational learning
  16. 16. Museum Literacy: Engaging with staff
  17. 17. Museum Literacy: Connecting with art“Some of the clues felt very engaging andit was fun to know that others in theMuseum shared my inexperience with thesubject matter rather than feelingintimidated by the artwork or those whounderstood it better than we did.”
  18. 18. Museum Literacy: Label reading & terminology
  19. 19. Museum Literacy: Connecting with museum asspace & assessing creature comforts“Some of it was silly. It was an excuse to be silly in a museum”
  20. 20. Museum Literacy: Spatial Navigation & Orientation “This map sucks!”
  21. 21. So, what do we know? }:| Facebook Game - Game - Georgina Goodlander @bathlander