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Narrative games in museums (Goodlander)


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My part of the "Magnificent Masters of Museum Mysteries: Narrative Games in Museum Contexts" at AAM, 2013

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Narrative games in museums (Goodlander)

  1. 1. Background:  Ghosts  of  a  Chance  
  2. 2. Background:  PHEON  
  3. 3. In  the  Works:    “Help  me  find  my  father”    InsBtuBon:    Smithsonian  American  Art  Museum  and  the  University  of  Maryland    Key  objecBves:      Change  people’s  percepBons/assumpBons  about  art  museums    Target  audience:    Teens  and  young  adults    Number  of  parBcipants:  TBD      delivery  method/format:  Alternate  Reality  Game,  online  and  in  the  museum      Budget:    $0  with  very  liUle  staff  Bme  (less  than  40  hours  over  2  semesters,  so  far)    Development  Bme:    2  semesters  (pending…)      Game  play  Bmeframe:    Game  will  roll  out  over  several  weeks,  summer  2013    What  games  did  this  build  on?    Ghosts  of  a  Chance  and  PHEON        
  4. 4. Working  with  students  
  5. 5. NarraBve  as  main  aUracBon  
  6. 6. Two  paths  through  the  game:  Online  and  on  site