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NAEA Fabulous Failure


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"Pheon - the game that no-one played" Presentation as part of the "Fabulous Failure" panel at the 2013 NAEA conference.

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NAEA Fabulous Failure

  1. 1. Georgina  Goodlander  Web  &  Social  Media  Content  Mgr  Smithsonian  American  Art  Museum  @bathlander  
  2. 2.  
  3. 3. One  Game    Two  PlaEorms    Mixed  Success  
  4. 4. The  online  game  
  5. 5.   68  people  played.       Cost  per  player  =  $500+   :(          EvaluaRon  Reports  w/UXR  ConsulRng  Facebook  Game  Alternate-­‐Reality  Games  in  Casual  Gaming  Environments    In-­‐Museum  Game  21st  Century  Skills,  Museum  Literacy,  and  Enjoyment  in  Museums  
  6. 6. Fail  #1:  NarraRve    “[The  missions]  could  have  been  4ed  more  4ghtly  into  the  narra4ve;  as  it  stands,  it  didnt  feel  much  different  from  ordinary  Facebook  pos4ngs.”    “I  didnt  understand  how  or  if  [the  missions]  related  to  the  gameplay  and  the  storyline  of  Terra  Tectus.”    
  7. 7. Fail  #2:  FACEBOOK    “Facebook  games  tend  to  have  a  lot  of  busywork  with  liEle  enjoyment  or  reward,  so  there  needs  to  be  enough  informa4on  about  the  game  […]  to  get  me  into  it.”    “…  I  do  not  like  the  idea  of  games/contests/etc.  relying  on  Facebook  as  it  results  in  exclusion  of  those  of  us  who  dont  like  Facebook.”    “…  playing  an  ARG  via  Facebook  seems  rather  lame.  Kind  of  takes  the  punch  out  of  it.”    “Facebook  sucks.”  
  8. 8. Fail  #3:  MarkeRng    “Never  heard  of  or  played  the  game  so  far.  The  idea  is  intriguing…”    “I  havent  ever  heard  or  played  PHEON,  but  I  think  it  would  be  interes4ng  to  play  a  game  like  this…”    “I  did  not  know  of  it,  and  this  type  of  game  seems  inaccessible  to  me.  Descrip4ons  of  this  type  of  game  are  oTen  vague,  and  I  dont  know  how  to  get  involved.”    “Id  want  to  know  more  about  it.  Im  s4ll  a  liEle  fuzzy  on  what  it  all  means.”  
  9. 9. The  on-­‐site  game  
  10. 10. 21st  Century  Skills  and  Museum  Literacy  
  11. 11.   So,  what  do  we  know?           Facebook  Game  -­‐   In-­‐Museum  Game  -­‐     Georgina  Goodlander   @bathlander