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DHWI Linked Open Data - What I Did


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Some of the exercises we did during a week-long class on "Publishing and Using Linked Open Data" at the University of Maryland Digital Humanities Winter Institute.

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DHWI Linked Open Data - What I Did

  1. 1. Digital Humanities Winter Institute Publishing and Using Linked Open Data January 7-11, 2013 Syllabus with readings: What I Did Kindly note: This is all just practice and play. None of this is real. Georgina Goodlander @bathlander
  2. 2. Brought some sample museum data
  3. 3. Cleaned it up in Open Refine, assigned URIsSplit display names into first and last names, cleaned up dates, converted fractions to decimals,split dimensions into separate columns then put them back together again, trimmed whitespaces.GERL to combine columns for dimensions (very impressed that I wrote this):if(isBlank(cells["Dimensions"].value), "0", cells["Dimensions"].value) + " x " +if(isBlank(cells["Width in inches"].value), "0", cells["Width in inches"].value) + " x " +if(isBlank(cells["Depth in inches"].value), "0", cells["Depth in inches"].value)
  4. 4. Assigned properties (foaf, dcterms, dc)
  5. 5. Exported as RDF/XML<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><rdf:RDF xmlns:dc="" xmlns:rdfs="" xmlns:foaf="" xmlns:owl="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:rdf="" xmlns:dcterms=""><rdf:Description rdf:about=""> <foaf:name>Felrath Hines</foaf:name> <foaf:givenName>Felrath</foaf:givenName> <foaf:familyName>Hines</foaf:familyName> <dcterms:identifier>2011.25.2</dcterms:identifier> <dcterms:title>Abstract Landscape</dcterms:title> <dcterms:medium>oil on linen</dcterms:medium> <dc:date>1964</dc:date> <dcterms:rights>Gift of Dorothy C. Fisher, wife of the artist</dcterms:rights> <dcterms:extent>72 x 72 x 0.875</dcterms:extent></rdf:Description>
  6. 6. Imported into SesameAt this point the data is published and link-able, but not yet linked to other data sets. It is alsoimportant to publish under an open license, such as CC0.
  7. 7. Ran SPARQL Queries SELECT ?familyName WHERE { ?s foaf:familyName ?familyName . Returns all family names in ascending order } ORDER BY ASC(?familyName) SELECT ?title WHERE { Returns all titles for artworks that ?s dcterms:title ?title . have “oil” in the medium ?s dcterms:medium ?medium . FILTER (regex (?medium, "oil", "i")) } SELECT ?familyName ?objectid ?date WHERE { Returns family names, object IDs, and ?s foaf:familyName ?familyName . dates for works made after 1950 ?s dcterms:identifier ?objectid . ?s dc:date ?date . FILTER (?date > "1950") . }
  8. 8. Helpful ResourcesLinks from the Instructor, Richard Urban: URIs: validator: web stack: Ontology Editor: http://protege.stanford.eduFoaf: Core: Examples: SPARQL: more SPARQL: endpoint for Dbpedia: GERL functions: Linked Open Data (table): ontologies mapping: Commons 0: open data sets: