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Media Evaluation


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Media Evaluation

  1. 1. Evaluation Questions Georgie Thorrold
  2. 2. Question 1:In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? My Music magazine definitely follows the set genre category, it is influenced by a range of bands and different styles of music also involving students that go to the COWA. The technical conventions I have used within my photography are for example the Low angle shot, to emphasise the power and fame of the lead singer of the band. The symbolic conventions would be the typical plain and simple clothing the leadsinger is wearing to reflect his style of rock and that he is there to sing and not treating it as a fashion show, also the student at the bottom of the contents page reflects what kind of audience is typically attracted to this magazine. The colours used follow a scheme throughout the magazine, white,black,red and grey which are bold colours reflecting the genre of music. With existing professional products that I used within my magazine I chose to undertake my photography with a simple IPhone 5 because it puts the photographer (myself) in the readers shoes and what it would feel like to experience these gigs fully so the reader can feel like they was there. Soul Magazine clearly fits into the music genre of rock because it follows striking/bold colours and natural pictures of bands from gigs and so on. I have used real music artists within my magazine to make it much more realistic. I have also included a few pictures of students to give that personal emphasis that it is my Magazine and they would be the main attraction. Its all my own photography and I have edited the front cover by blurring the edges so the main focus is on the singer and converted it into black and white to then make the graphics/text stand out giving it a rocky vibe. Mise en scene is influenced throughout the magazine to emphasise music by the props used by bands such as microphones/guitars. The lanyard on the student is also a prop and even the costa cup just to make the reader feel a link with the magazine. Before I created my magazine I designed a few layouts so I could get a good idea of what was best, in the end I just ended up designing it when I went along so everything fitted in nicely together. I made sure the masthead stood out clearly to the reader and also the pictures/ sell lines and so on.
  3. 3. Question 2:How does your media product represent particular social groups? My magazine represents a variety of ages mainly focusing on young adults (students) but also is most likely to attract the adult generation as-well (30-40's) because 'Babyshambles' are a well known band to that era, well at least Pete Doherty is anyway. This magazine is for both genders, however it may attract more of the male generation simply because of the genre of music. This magazine is set to be normal class being priced at a normal affordable rate and completely British. The models (musicians), the layout and the language all combines to represent a certain social group of young enthusiastic rockers that are all about big Festivals and the true morality of music. They all combine to create a bold but simple effect which would stand out to the reader. For example the text on the front cover floats around the lead singer to make him stand out and create the effect of music bouncing around the room. The magazine represents the intended audience by keeping modern and using graphics/bold colours to attract the younger audience also using the main contents on the front cover to catch the young readers eye. This magazine conforms certain stereotypes of simple rockers-plain worn in clothes-props such as guitars- a typical rough look,mostly male, however a medium shot of a female student is on the contents page to balance out the genders.
  4. 4. Question 3:What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? IPC media publishing house might own my magazine simply because it has many simularities as the NME magazine which is published by IPC. IPC is also a very successul uk publishing house and I think this would be a huge benefit to my magazine. My music magazine would be distributed in all traditional newsagents, available exclusively online and on magazine apps. Soul Magazine will be circulated monthly to create more suspense on what is going to be in it next and also enables the magazine to store alot more information/news. It will also be available through subscription to any customers, this can be done online or through the post. Q magazine and nme used to be extremely popular with very high sales, however with todays soiety, people don't really tend to buy magazines anymore. This caused sales to fall by 20% which is a huge loss for both magazines. However my magazine has a wider advantage of options such as the app, an option in sizes in the magazine so it can fit in your bag and so on (large a4 or small a5) , also my magazine would be sold at certain gigs for half price. My magazines website would be extremely modern and also suited for phone browsing so there would be a mobile version of the site. The song that is at the top of the current indie rock charts at that current time would also automatically play when you open the site. The material in the magazine is mostly exclusive to the printed version so people are then influenced to buy it , however a little is given away on the free app/website to give a glimpse of what they would experience, but the payed app would just be a replica of the printed version because it has been payed for.
  5. 5. Question 4:Who would be the audience for your media product? My magazine targets the market of teens/adults because the indie rock music generation is mainly known by around that age. It may also attract quite a bit of the older society simply because it might include anniversarys of older bands such as Nirvana in future magazines. To be successful you have to give a bit of variation. My magazine has a very modern/ bold layout influencing the same colour scheme throughout. Its all up to date with today's society so this should attract the targeted audiences. My magazine targets both genders but it may attract more males than females simply because of the music genre and the colour schemes. The targeted socio-economic groups would be mainly C,D,E because of the music genre however it could work for all groups. With marketing the promotion would be billboards,adverts,internet,gigs, even newspapers with free samples of the magazine. The price of the magazine is set at £3.60 because it is monthly so it has a slight higher price, but its still affordable for anyone, especially students, so it sits in a good price range. The ideal readership profile I could create would be if the reader is subscribed to my magazine they could respond to the issue and what could be added to make it even better and so on. I have found that the main target audiences for big music magazines such as NME are teens/adults so I followed the same target simply because of the music genre.
  6. 6. Question 5:How did you attract/address your audience? My magazine uses a few conventions from professional magazines such as NME and Q. The main one was the contents page. To begin with I used many ideas from mainly the NME magazine contents page following a similar kind of lay out but in the end I scrapped that idea and ended up just doing completely my own layout without using any other ideas from magazines although the 'inside this week' masthead from NME contents page I did use. This may help attract the audience of teens/adults because they would be familar with the classic magazine known as NME, especially the older genereation, which keeps the format of indie rock similar but there's only aspects of my magazine that have used little sections of the New Musical Express magazine so it differentiates it quite vastly from the rest but keeping those small references still there within the different music magazines. However my music magazine does have a unique selling point of the fact that all that photography is done by myself on my phone and also pictures of students are influenced throughout the magazine so it gives the magazine a slight personal feel to the reader. The layout design I designed all myself, I used practice designs before the beggining of the magazine and as I went along doing the magazine I changed it around. Most of the fonts I designed myself using, such as the mastheads,subtitles,page numbers and the Soul Magazine logo. Te props that were used are mainly from the band like the instruments and also even the student holding a costa cup and wearing a lanyard would be classed as a prop. The costumes used were the bands just ordinary clothes, plain top and jeans, and the college student is also wearing typical every day clothing. The main models of the magazine are the lead singers/artists and the college student on the contents page. All these things were used to communicate particular ideas to the audience to reflect the true genre of music and realistic artists, also students to involve the target audience that may be reading the magazine.during the begining of my magazine I carried out a survey around the college asking people of different genders and ages. However this questionnaire was not specific to the music magazine it was for magazines in general so I would then gain different perspectives of what to base my magazine on. Some of the results showed that most people look for an interesting front cover within a magazine and the content/celebrities involved, so i made sure my magazine was influenced by this as much as possible.
  7. 7. Question 6: What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing the product? The process I went through to create my magazine varied between publisher and Photoshop. The main basis of the magazine was created on publisher such as the layout/images and then the photography and editing of fonts was all done on Photoshop. I found it a lot easier to do my magazine on publisher because I already knew how to work publisher whereas Photoshop was all new to me. With my photography I used a simple iPhone 5 and then transferred these onto the computer to then be edited by Photoshop. The rear facing camera on my IPhone 5 is 8 mega- pixels and the front facing one is 1.2 mg, however the front facing one was not used. My camera automatically focuses onto the main object and if it doesn’t you simply tap on the screen where you want to focus it and it does it for you. I used flash within the gigs because it was quite dark so to make it a bit clearer this was a suitable option. Throughout production I used and other sources like Gmail because I had to send the photos to myself through email so I could then add them to my magazine. I also used Google images quite frequently just to take a glimpse of front covers and so on from popular magazines. I have used Blogger to represent all my research, planning, drafting and so on which gets reviewed by all the public and is very organized. I have also used slide share to upload my evaluation to blogger and used YouTube for certain answers so it gives a different perspective of media.
  8. 8. Question 7:What have you learnt about the conventions of magazine productions and what progress have you made from the student mag? Since my College magazine I feel like I have made a huge improvement and gone into much more detail with the music magazine. With the college magazine I only used Photoshop for the front cover picture and that is all, whereas with my music magazine I used Photoshop for the main fonts such as the masthead also page numbers, Soul Magazine logo and a variety of pictures mainly the front cover and double page spread. I created both magazines on publisher because I felt this was the best option for me, also for both of them I used the same IPhone 5 for all my photography. However my college magazine mainly focuses on photography with students but the music magazine is more about experiences and real life bands. With my college magazine I didn’t create my own fonts but I did create my own barcode. The music magazine has mostly all of my own fonts apart from the main/large texts which was Eras Demi ITC. I have also noticed that throughout my music magazine I have used a lot more of a bolder fonting to make certain texts stand out but this isn’t used as much in the college magazine. The college magazine follows a much more brighter colour scheme compared to the music magazine because they both follow different genres, the music magazine being indie rock so the colours have to be quite dark/ bold and the college magazine focuses on students and the success of COWA so bright colours seemed necessary, also to attract the students attention as they go by. Through both magazines it has been amazing to see the starting product to the finishing product, technology is so advanced now so anything is possible and there is so many different sources you can use within a computer to really explore what’s best for your magazine. I have shown others my magazine and they have been very impressed with it because it really reflects the genre of music well and the photography is very good, also being very realistic at the same time. The bold colours and range of texts also seemed to take interest in people that I have shown my magazine because it’s very well written and detailed giving different perspectives throughout. Overall I have gone into huge detail with both magazines and considered everything in order to be successful and different to competition.