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Evaluation 3


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Evaluation 3

  1. 1. What have you learnedWhat have you learnedfrom your audiencefrom your audiencefeedback?feedback?
  2. 2. Stage 1Stage 1This stage involved getting feedback for our initial ideas whichincluded our magazine cover, poster and story board for ourteaser trailer. We did this using a feedback form we created;once this was done we handed them out to our teacher andclass members in order to get the feedback needed. The reasonwhy we handed the forms to our teacher and class memberswas because they knew what a teaser trailer, a poster and amagazine cover should look like because of their conventions.
  3. 3. Feedback FormPlease tick on the post-it-note which magazineand which poster we should use.Can you tell it’s a teaser poster? How? Whatwould you change?Can you tell it’s a Empire magazine cover? How?What would you change?On the storyboard should we use less dissolves?Looking at our storyboards can you tell it’s athriller trailer? How? What would you change?
  4. 4. Poster IdeasPoster Ideas
  5. 5. This poster received oneout of eight ticks.
  6. 6. This poster received fiveout of eight ticks. As thisreceived the most ticksout of all the posters wedecided to be use this asour final piece.
  7. 7. This poster receivedtwo out of eight ticks
  8. 8. Can you tell theyre teaser posters?Can you tell theyre teaser posters?How? What would you change?How? What would you change?conventionsTypical teaserposterdidnt give alot awaydraws inaudienceIconographyBasicNo specificdateHowever to make the popular teaser poster even better thefeedback said to take off the names of those acting in the trailer.
  9. 9. MagazineMagazineCover IdeasCover Ideas
  10. 10. This magazine cover receivedseven out of eight ticks. As thismagazine cover received thehighest amount of ticks we usedthis as our final piece.
  11. 11. This magazinecover receivedzero out ofeight ticks
  12. 12. This magazinecover receivedone out of eightticks
  13. 13. Can you tell it’s a Empire magazineCan you tell it’s a Empire magazinecover? How? What would youcover? How? What would youchange?change?TypicalconventionsCan see thewholepersonDetailedWhole magazinecoveredgood use ofthe spaceAnalysedPugsBanner
  14. 14. Story BoardStory Board
  15. 15. On the storyboard should we use less dissolves?On the storyboard should we use less dissolves?Looking at our storyboards can you tell it’s a thrillerLooking at our storyboards can you tell it’s a thrillertrailer? How? What would you change?trailer? How? What would you change?Captionscould tell itwas a thrillertrailerdissolves areeffectiveuse lessdissolves inthe middle-fast paceIconographyCostumesCamera workIconography
  16. 16. Stage 2Stage 2This stage included feedback for ourfirst edits of our productions; ourposter and magazine cover.
  17. 17. PosterPoster
  18. 18. Big and bold writingDirtyRippedColoursblendverythriller
  19. 19. Thriller writingBlack andwhiteDirtySet out isgood
  20. 20. ThrillerwritingBlackbackgroundWhitetourchStands out
  21. 21. MagazineMagazineCoverCover
  22. 22. Colours are brightboldconventionsText at thebottom lookstoo weakBackgroundlooks thrillerGritty effect lookscool
  23. 23. Stage 3Stage 3This is the final stage of the feedback werecieved, this was on our final versions ofour poster, magazine cover and ourteaser trailer.
  24. 24. This was the chosenposter we decided touse. The reason forthis being that thefeedback recieved washelpful and there wasmore to say about it.
  25. 25. FeedbackThe rippedbackgroundblending into thearm is very thrillerbecause it givesit an edge. -Deborah SicoboThe greencolour for thewriting looks likesick, it looksgood with thegreyishbackground. -Sophie BellThe font of the writingdoesnt look like itbelongs to a thriller, itlooks more horror. -Rachel GandeThe grittyeffect workswell with thethriller theme. -KirubeleGetachew
  26. 26. This is the finalversion of ourmagazine cover, thereason for this isthat it looked betterthan the firstversion.
  27. 27. FeedbackI would defiantly goand watch this filmif I saw thismagazine becausethe image looksinteresting- JodieNewsumI like how youvestuck to theconventions ofEmpire magazineotherwise it wouldntlook as effective -Luke KeetchThe green colourused for the titledoesnt stand outas much as it couldbecause thebackground is darkto- Myles WilliamsI like the block atthe bottom, itshows initiative onhow to use thespace- JaseepKaurThe background ofthe magazineseems to be toodark becausesome of the textdissapears- LailaShenair
  28. 28. These arescreen grabsfrom ourfinished teasertrailer
  29. 29. FeedbackThe teasertrailer had alot ofsuspense andmade mewant more-Isabella CuttillI liked the action inthe middle of theteaser trailer ithelped make ittense- CoreyCollinsWhen the title cameup I thought it wasthe end but it wasntand I jumped, it wasshocking- WillReynoldsI wasnt too sureabout the trailerbecause I believed itwas too ordered tobe a teaser trailer-Liah Sabin
  30. 30. AnalysisAnalysisThe feedback we recieved throughout this piece of coursework was both positiveand negative; I agree with some of the comments made. The reason for this isbecause the negative feedback for our initial ideas and the first edits helped tocreate our final versions to our standards and theirs, the negative feedback for ourfinal pieces however would make a difference if I was to do this project again.However, some of the feedback I disagree with because I believe that what theyhave said is not true.On the other hand, the feedback has enlightened me look at my project in adifferent view, this is because everyone has a different perception. The negativecomments on my final versions of the productions have the most effect; theyprovide me with different opinions and if I were to conduct this project again I wouldtake in those comments and implant them into the work so there would be notfaults. For example, Liah Sabin said "I believed the trailer to be too much in order;" Iwould take in this comment and if I were to do this project again I would look morecarefully at the trailer to ensure that it is not in precise order to get a better effect.