SurveyMonkey Analysis


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A2 Media Studies

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SurveyMonkey Analysis

  1. 1. Questionnaire A2 Media Studies Georgia Matthews
  2. 2. I have used online website, SurveyMonkey. The website lets you create and publish surveys more the public to answer. I used this source to find an audience for my short film. I wanted to know more about my audience and if my short film would have a chance in the market. I published my survey online on social network websites like FaceBook and also asked many students at my Sixth Form to answer them. By asking the variety of people, this allowed me to gain feedback from a wider audience. I have used all closed questions to gain quantitative research from the replies. This shows me facts and statistics from the responses and is easier to read.
  3. 3. How old are you? This question has been asked to understand the age of my audience answering the question. This gives me an idea who my film would be aimed at. Is it evident that the majority of replies came from 15-20 year-olds. Most probably higher education students. These are students exploring the film industry and watching different genres of film. When in higher education, you come out of the mainstream films and explore more films.
  4. 4. What film genre do you prefer/regularly watch? This question was asked to see what genres my replies were familiar with and what was more popular. It was seen in the responses that the highest was social realism and comedy. By social realism being one of the highest was surprising as it doesn’t get much publicity and advertisements like the other genres. This helps me with my film as the genre of my film is social realism. This shows me that there is an interest in the genre, therefore an interest in my film.
  5. 5. Are you interested in different genres? I have asked this question to see if the audience were interested in different genres. This was just in case my responses had not watched or heard of the genre social realism. This was to see if the audience would try different movie genres. It is shown that my audience are interested in different genres and are very open to a different variety in films.
  6. 6. Have you watched any short films? This is asked to see if my audience had experienced watching short films. It has shown me that the majority of my replies were use to watching short films.
  7. 7. If so, how often to you watch short films? In this question, it is shown that half of my audience watch short films on a monthly basis. A third of my replies watch short films every fourtnight. This shows me that my audience are familiar with short films.
  8. 8. Have you ever heard of the following short films? I have asked this to see if my audience had watched or heard of the well known social realism short films. Only 1 of my responses missed the questions, this shows that all the rest of my replies had heard or watched these films.
  9. 9. Do you think that the subject of disability is shown regularly in films? I wanted to get the audience’s opinion on the theme of disability shown in films. The majority of my replies have said no. This shows me that there is a gap in the market for my film to enter. This also shows that my film will show something different and is not regularly seen.
  10. 10. Would you watch a short film what shows the issues of being a young carer and dealing with someone with disability? This is a follow up question from my previous one. This showed me that my audience would be interested in a short about the themes and issues which will be shown in my film.
  11. 11. What would you like to see in a short film? “I would like to see wider social extension as working class are represented too often. I would like it to be engaging, as well as showing true to life issues relevant to today” “I would like to see the portrayal of people having someone with disabilities in their life and the responsibilities and difference in their lives” “I like technical innovation rather than plot. I couldn't care less for characters I'm only exposed to for a matter of minutes, and would rather a filmmaker makes use of the filmic medium to the best of its advantages rather than painstakingly thought of a plot that's over before you have the chance to really invest yourself in it” I had an open question had the end to just gain more detail from my audience. I have asked them what they would want. Meeting their wants and needs. One of replies mention about the plot instead of the characters. In my film, it is all about the life of the home and the characters are just there to represent this situation. My film is primarily focusing on the difficultly of being a young carer. One of the replies say that they would like the themes and issues of disability and the difference, difficultly and responsibilities for their family life.