Assessment Item 2 - Tourism Tasmania (Spiral Marketing)


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Assessment Item 2 - Tourism Tasmania (Spiral Marketing)

  1. 1. TOURISM TASMANIArevised marketing strategiesdeveloped by Spiral MarketingImage Source: (Organ Historical Trust Association, 2011).
  2. 2. PROBLEMS & ISSUESAPPARENT WITH CURRENTMARKETING STRATEGY- Target market- A focus on interstate markets- Targeting affluent couples (young and older)- Geographical Problems- Lack of exposure to overseas markets (Tourism Australia’s TheBest Jobs in the World campaign).- Local Tasmania is not targeted regularly (Tassie Comeback Tourwas a result of the Dunally bushfire).- Demographic- Intrastate (local families and groups of friends travel elsewhere– such as during school holiday periods and seasonal holidayperiods).- International (cultured and arts markets not targeted – underuseof MONA and TMAG).
  3. 3. - Frequency- Tassie Comeback Tour was the first of its kind (a disaster should notbe the only trigger for local tourism marketing).- International markets rarely targeted (simply rely on exposure ofMONA and events such as the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race).- Strong, singular theme- Strong focus on nature/adventure (and has been so for many years)- Save a Mainlander Campaign of 2012 was the latest example of thistoo regular theme.- Communication Tools- Discover Tasmania website (outdated)- Lack of competitions creating interest in the state on all levels- Use of social media lacking (especially interstate andinternational)
  4. 4. PROPOSEDINTRASTATEMARKETINGSTRATEGYOverview• Aim to keep locals holidaying in Tasmania– Circulate money within local economy• Focus on major holiday periods (whenTasmanians often plan holidays)– Christmas, Easter, Long Weekends, School Holidays• Target people who plan major holidays viaseasonal material• Target people who can be enticed withcampaigns to spend the weekend away
  5. 5. Seasonal Campaigns• Distinct themes for each season/s– Tourism activities vary during seasons– Use of four seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer,Autumn) or two distinct ‘seasons’ (Warm - Oct-Mar,Cold - Apr-Sep).• Provide additional communications andresources tailored for specific periods withineach season– School Holidays, Easter, Long Weekends
  6. 6. -Tourism Tasmania utilised these methods wellwith ‘Tassie Comeback Tour’- TV advertisement- Newspaper lift out- Social Media (Facebook page)- Website- Further tools to increase exposure to target- Competitions via radio, print and social media- Seasonal tourism guides- Use patriotic Tasmanians to portray the messageCOMMUNICATION TOOLSFOR USE INTRASTATE
  7. 7. PROPOSEDINTERNATIONALMARKETINGSTRATEGY• Utilize the knowledge base and resources ofTourism Australia through consistent and closecollaboration.• Draw on Tasmania’s cultural and artistic qualitiesby using this as a focus for the creative strategy.Particularly in reference to MONA and TMAG.
  8. 8. COMMUNICATION TOOLSFOR USE INTERNATIONALLY• Television (focus on pay television, as well asdigital advertisements).• Print advertisements in art and/or travel journalsand magazines (ie. Wallpaper, Travel & Leisure).• Social media, with a focus on Twitter andInstagram (use of hash tagging).
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