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Pitching my music video


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Pitching my music video

  1. 1. PITCHING MY MUSIC VIDEO By Georgina Caddy
  2. 2. HOW DOES YOUR PLANNED MUSIC VIDEO MEETS THE CODES AND CONVENTIONS OF THE GENRE• The codes for a soul genre are:• Dark lighting,• slow, sad songs,• Close ups on the singer• Continuity editing• Conventions which is telling the story• The conventions of the music video is a girl who is getting over her lost love, who has either died or left her. She walks through the woods remembering what they used to be like. There will be dissolves of the guy she loved walking with her in scenes.• It will be a narrative based instead of a performance based as I think this would make the music video look better.
  3. 3. HOW IT WILL TARGET YOUR CHOSEN AUDIENCE• My target audience is females between age 16-25.• I will target my audience by having a love story in the music video• The model will be wearing clothes that many of my target audience will be wearing• My model will be in the same range of the target audience• I will also add an intertexual reference to a film director that has inspired me
  4. 4. HOW THE MUSIC VIDEO WILL MEET THE EXPECTATIONS OF YOUR CHOSEN ARTIST AND MEDIA INSTITUTION WHO WILL BE DISTRIBUTING IT• It will meet the expectation as the song is about a lost love which will be portrayed in the music video. It will also have dark lighting to suit the genre and a female model in the music video. • It will meet the media institutions expectations as it appeals to a wide range of a target audience.• It will be a typical lost love story and therefore there will be scenes people will expect to see and will enjoy.
  5. 5. ANY TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES YOU THINK YOU MAY ENCOUNTER DURING THE FILMING (SUCH AS TIME LENGTHS FOR ANIMATION ETC)• As I am shooting the music video outside, there are many difficulties I might face such as: • The Lighting • The weather • Shooting times • The models shooting time
  6. 6. AND HOW YOU PLAN TO RESOLVE ANY OF THESE TECHNICAL ISSUES.• As I am filming in the woods I might find it difficult to set up lighting, but as I want a dark and sombre look to the music video I think it might not look so bad. If it doesn’t work I will use the green screen which will give the effect I want.• The weather is also a problem as it might be too cold for my model to film in. however, if it snows that could add to the music video and make it more interesting. If the weather is a problem I will just have to change the clothing of the model to keep her warm or choose another day to film. • I wont have much time to shot the film in the afternoon as it goes dark very quickly and especially in the woods it would be hard to see. Therefore I will have to film in the morning at around 4-5 as that is when I will get the best light for my genre.• I will have to arrange a time where my model can perform for the music video