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Why Should Or Should

KCB202 assesment two

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Why Should Or Should

  1. 1. Why Should or Should't the Advertising Industry be using Georgia McCarthy and Gemma Gordon
  2. 2. Youtube is an advertising tool that can reach a large audience Warner Music and YouTube signed a deal where YouTube doesn't have to pay Warner Music a "pay-per-play" fee, and in return, Warner will receive a larger share of advertising revenue of content on YouTube McDonalds in Israel is benefiting from free advertising because someone posted a McDonalds advertisment
  3. 3. YouTube isn't used  by all audiences <ul><li>Not all people view YouTube as reguarly as they listen to the radio or read the newspaper </li></ul>
  4. 4. YouTube is just a 'fad'; other networking sites will take over... <ul><li>Media companies and their websites have learnt to bypass YouTube and duplicate it's ease of use and virality </li></ul>
  5. 5. YouTube is simple enough for everyone to use <ul><li>The YouTube search tool enables users to search easily for content, and also recommends similar viewing material to what has previously been viewed or is most popular  </li></ul>