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Magazine Review Analysis


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Magazine review analysis, first 3

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Magazine Review Analysis

  1. 1. Magazine Review Analysis<br />
  2. 2. Eat Pray Love<br />Image to be scanned in<br />The magazine review for this film grabs the reader attention through a big picture of main characters Julia Roberts and James Franco together in the film. The review takes up a whole a4 page in the magazine showing that is it a new film. The certificate, director and actors/actresses are clearly listed underneath the picture in bold to make it clear information. The review is easily readable as each paragraph has a bold pink heading to separate the information making sure the reader doesn’t get bored reading too much information at once. The headings are ‘The plot’, ‘What's right with it?’, ‘what's wrong with it?’ and ‘verdict.’ The review reveals that Julia Roberts is the reason the film is successful as she is so known and loved by fans however the film doesn’t do the book satisfaction.<br />- Heat magazine<br />
  3. 3. Made In Dagenham<br />Image to be scanned in<br />This review again takes up an a4 page in the heat magazine. The review is by Charles Grant and he rates the film a generous 4 star. The same layout is used, a big picture of one of the scenes out of the film revealing a bit of the storyline. It immediately shows the feminine side to the film grabbing women readers attention. Again the review is split into four paragraphs to make it an easy read. I think this layout is very effective because it grabs the readers attention and it gives the right amount of information about the film to not bore or overload the reader. It also gives both views of what is good and bad about the film instead of giving a biased view.<br />- Heat magazine<br />
  4. 4. Buried<br />Image to be scanned in<br />This review is only half a page and is written by Laila Hassani. The layout is the same however the information is much less as the review is only half a page. It is a quick read which will attract readers however it doesn’t give much insight to the film at all and is very basically written. A picture of Ryan Reynolds trapped is placed above the title which is a feature all reviews seem to have. I think the a4 reviews are a lot more effective because it grabs the readers attention more as the review takes up a whole page indicating that is a new release, an interesting review as it has been chosen to be in the magazine and on a full page or a good film for the readers to go and watch.<br />- Heat magazine<br />
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