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Evaluation question 3

  1. 1. Evaluation, Question 3: What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?A distributor is an individual or organization who will represent your film at festivals and markets aroundthe world and who will attempt to sell it to television (including terrestrial, cable and satellite), airlinesand other companies that show short films. They are also responsible for the marketing and circulationof films for home viewing (DVD, Video-On-Demand, Download, Television etc.). Often feature films havedifferent distributors representing them in different territories such as festivals and countries anddifferent distribution for home viewing like DVDsOur trailer was produced by 17-18 young adults therefore, it is uncommon of big, and establisheddistributor will take on our film and attempt to distribute it. Various media institutions will distribute ourfilm to start with such as Film 4 and channel 4.http://www.film4.com/film4-productionsThis is how we would get channel 4 film involved and the criteria they are looking for that we feel ourtrailer fits.http://www.channel4.com/4viewers/faq/name/help-me-with-my-project/id/400288367http://www.film4.com/film4-productions/how-to-submit-a-projectFilm 4 seeks to develop the British film industry with fresh new British talents. (New directors, actorsproducers). Most of the films they distribute are shown on their channels. The film Whats Eating GilbertGrape was first released on film4 and later hit the cinema. This show a film can get recognized and thenbe released in the cinema. I chose this company because it is very popular and cheaper for my audience(the channel is free).My film will definitely be distributed by channel 4 as we have meet their demands,on what they and the public expect from the film. Their demands are that the film should be creative,experimental. We have used montages and close up shot to be creative and the idea of are Protagonistbeing in captivated by the static on the televisionFilm four also work with Plathe who have worked on the film momento with Summit Entertainment.Summit Entertainment would be a good American distributer.
  2. 2. www.pathe.co.uk/www.summit-ent.com/http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vS0E9bBSL0TheThe reason being is that they have experience with distributing similar psychological trailer to our Theyalso allow for a big budget for marketing and advertisement so can provide the financial report ourtrailer would need to be disputed in America. For example like Momento where the protagonist has adisadvantage of memory loss in the way that he cannot create new memories which is similar to thememory loss of our protagonist and the last thing they both remember is a violent act they are about tocommit . In our trailer the suicide scene 0.02-0.23 and Momento the killing of his wife,
  3. 3. 0.42-0.43.The opening of the trailer of momento is Black and white similar to ours.They also know how to distribute the film so that they are not giving too much away and leaves theaudience wanting more. This is a good technique as in our film one of the key aspects are enigmas suchas, what lead to the Suicide? Why is he in the hospital? Why as he discover all the gruesome images onthe TV ?,
  4. 4. In momento they use similar enigmas in the Poster.The Idea that there is very little written on the Poster and the film title is the biggest piece of text iswhat we had in mind for our film poster existence; the Font used also is similar to ours as it asconnotation of unsettlement as it not all the same thickness also nervousness. Also the Tag line somememories are best forgotten creates the enigmas we want and also provokes curiosity and suspensewhich some of the key element of are trailer.Momento uses the Macgriffen technique, where there is key recognizable object that motivates theprotagonist a conventional Polaroid photo. Here is a website briefly outlining what a Macgriffen is anddoes in filmshttp://community.digitalmediaacademy.org/15593-what-is-a-macguffinSummit has used the Macgriffen on Momento Poster Advert. By having Polaroid as the largest objectcenter of the screen and having smaller ones within a photo. This creates a mind puzzlement illusionchrematistics we also feature in are trailer whilst having a remember-able association with the film.When people look at the Polaroid photo they will think of the Momento Film. Therefore this draws aretarget audience in of people who enjoy Psychological thrillers. We would use in our trailer the TV static
  5. 5. in a similar way. Like summit The Macgriffen in are film is the TV with static, we would hope to usesummit knowledge and techniques to use the images as a key association with our film as well as theimage of the eye to reproduce a poster with the same advertisement strategy of MomentoAlso momento was first played with the Film Festival circuit. This helped it gain vital word and mouthadvertisement. We would also hope to show case at film festival as it is a good way of attracting foreignfilm distributers. As Momento It received a standing ovation when it premiered at the 2000 VeniceInternational Film Festival, afterwards it played at Deauville American Film Festival and the TorontoInternational Film Festival. Foreign Film distributors are often at film festival therefore Momento had nodifficult of being distributed worldwide in 20 countries. The promotion tour ended at Sundance Film
  6. 6. Festival, which is one of the biggest Film festivals in the world.www.sundance.org/festival/ from the success of Momento has at Film Festival we believe it would helpare Film get more disputation worldwide. As after 11 week Momento was disputed in 500 differenttheaters worldwide.Another good way our film that summit uses to draw attention and make it a success they did this withmomento also using a website that involves the audience in the movie more for momento they based iton the Blair witch project website http://www.blairwitch.com/ The website would provide further cluesand hints to the story, while not providing any concrete information. For example we can open thewebsite with the trailer and then have the Macgriffen of the TV static and as the TV flickers the audiencecan click on it and gain exclusive material about are film. There can also be more clues to what are film isabout and the audience would have to use them to unlock as exclusive content like a short snippet ofthe opening of the film. By doing this we encourage the target audience of 15-25 year olds to find aboutthe film as it appeals more to themWhen summit releases DVD they produce a number of different copies with exclusive content hiddenfeature and limited editions. They sell the right to each certain type of copy to certain website wherethe audience can only buy the DVD with that content from that certain store of website. For exampleHMV may have the edition of our film with the director commentary and cut scenes. This help get thefilm more sales as the audience will be keen to pay more for exclusive content.Also different countries receive different copies like England for momento, it contained hidden featureto allow the audience to watch the film in a certain order different to the actual film. This could be usedin our Dvd in a way of getting the target audience who don’t like psychological thriller because of themystery and confusing narrative, it would appeal to them as they could be able to watch the film inchronological order making the story line clears and not through the memories of the suicide etc. thatmake the narrative complex.This is someone unboxing the English version of momento and the uniquely designed American copy.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYf2XaOvwlQLimited edition of DVDs that are uniquely designs are used for certain types of films. For example theBlu-ray copy of our DVD could be in the shape of an eye to represent one of our Macgriffen. Likemomento where they released a dvd in the shape of the protagonist Notebook in the movie .This wayThe dvd will stand out on the shelf whilst encouraging people to pick it up and buy it also a be aCollector’s item.