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The srangers analysis


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Published in: Education
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The srangers analysis

  1. 1. In the first scene we have a establishing shot of the house. This allows the audience insight to the setting of the film. The audio in the background is a range of piano notes and has a peaceful, soft vibe to it. The next few sounds consist of jump cuts of rose petals, a candle lit dinner, a couple etc. Each scene only lasts between 1-2 seconds and fades into the next shot. I believe the use of the candle lit dinner and rose petals is an important scene as it represents the evening, for example a proposal/anniversary. The use of having 2 champagne glasses suggests that the main protagonists in the film are 2 people- a couple.
  2. 2. The next scene consists of the male protagonist quoting the female-”I have something important to ask you.” this then leads to a close-up shot of a blue engagement box. This establishes the event of the evening, it highlights the idea that this was supposed to be a romantic and memorable evening. The next scene shows a medium close-up of the couple embraced in a hug. They immediately jump when they hear an exterior noise within their garden, the sound of something dropping, and the sound of rusty metal creaking. This is a distinctive shot that changes the whole mood of the film, as the initial scenes were of romance and love accompanied by gentle music, which was interrupted by a loud crash.
  3. 3. The next scene is the title frame that reads ‘inspired by true events’. This immediately grabs the reads attention as it instantly allows the film a more realistic feel. The text is white against a black background which works well, and there is use of a fade to black transition which gradually blurs the words out which looks extremely effective. The next hot is a long shot of a piano swinging in the dark. This is a typical horror film cliché, as it has a certain amount of eeriness to it, it also builds up suspense as the audience are building themselves up for the next ‘scare’.
  4. 4. The next scene we see is a long-shot of a women standing in her kitchen with a blank look on her face. She is there for 1-2 seconds before the masked man enters the scene. The antagonist is stood there calmly staring at the women for 2-3 seconds. The use of this scene establishes the antagonist, and the first viewing of him gives a stomach turning effect. The next scene we see is the male protagonist standing by his car which has been deliberately smashed. The long shot view allows the audience to see both the car and the male. This shot gives an element of violence as we are now aware these masked figures are there for an unfriendly visit.
  5. 5. The next scene we see is a masked women standing in the doorway of a farmhouse. This scene is significant as it establishes that there is more than one antagonist. The next scene shows a close-up of a record playing. This again gives off an eerie feel and it establishes the next audio over the next few scenes.
  6. 6. The next scene we see a window with the words ‘hello’ written over it. The writing is interior which establishes that someone is in their house. This ultimately causes suspense and trauma and leaves the audience asking what they want, what happens next etc. The next scene we see is the couple in the bedroom and an axe going through the door. The female screams hysterically and hides behind her husband. The audio is “My first Lover-Gillian Welch. It changes its pace and gets gradually faster, it skips on the same line and repeatedly plays “Quicksilver girl.”
  7. 7. For the next multiple jump cuts, we see different shots each time the line of the audio plays “Quicksilver girl.” The first shot is a medium close of the female, the second shot is a medium close up of a man with the blurred image of the masked antagonist behind him holding an axe. The third image is a long shot of the female crawling on the floor with the women walking behind her. The final image is a close-up of a knife being entered through the curtain, unaware of what outside. These jump cuts are used purposely to leave the audience unaware of what happens next. They are also cleverly edited to blend in well with the audience. There are approx. 20 jump cuts before the Film title.
  8. 8. The Title frame shows the blurred image of the masked man with the title in the lower right corner. The title is in lower-case in white font and the text size I would predict is around size 16-18. This is unusual as it does not really stand out to its audience, and it lack a sense of profession compared to the other text slides, which all have an excellent use of transitions. The ‘Last scare’ is a long shot of a masked women standing in the doorway. This is to build up suspense as the audience will believe that the trailer has already finished.
  9. 9. The use of the text frames throughout this text have been used extremely well in my opinion. They have a smokey black background with white text over them, enabling it easy to read. The writing fades in and out which I believe is a great effect. These slides fade out into the next scenes, which is a good transition to build suspense. The writing is in capitals which stands out to the audience. The end text reads “what are you afraid of” This directly engages with the audience, which I believe will attract the audience on a personal level. I do believe the use of a question mark would have been worthwhile here as it could have been used as a rhetorical question.