Task 1 photograph research


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Task 1 photograph research

  1. 1. Task 1. Different Applications of Photography Stick your name here
  2. 2. Advertising Industry Advertising is a form of graphic communication used to promote, show and sell a product. Advertising photography is used in this industry because it sends a message to the target audience as it attracts their attention by using certain conventions that appeal to them. These depend on the company and the product that is being promoted as they will all have various different target audiences. Examples of when advertising photography is used include clothing, food, holiday destinations, cars etc. These could be seen on posters, magazines, newspapers or even the internet on their online shop or on social network sites like twitter or facebook.
  3. 3. Fashion Industry Fashion photography is used to sell and promote new ranges, trends and different seasons of clothing which pull the target audience in through the different images. It usually focuses more in fashion magazines like Elle and Vogue. Other examples of where this type of photography is seen are in retail shops, fashion shows and even billboards. There are many different talented photographers in the fashion industry. One example of a photographer is Steven Meisel who has worked with lots of different fashion magazines like Vogue and W magazines and has also photographed A-list celebrities like Madonna. Nick saglimbeni is a respected fashion photographer who works mainly as a photographer for commercial campaigns. He also takes cover shoots for magazines and has worked with people like Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner.
  4. 4. Music Industry Photography is used in this particular industry for many different things. These include for album covers, music videos, posters, gigs/festivals, promotion al material, merchandise and also the internet via different social networking websites. Photography is used in the music industry because it helps promote a band or give information about them to their primary and secondary audience. This is done by using photography in a tour poster which tells their fans information about the different dates and locations. Another way this is done is by using photography on an album cover which promotes the band because it will be seen in shops and people who don’t know of a band will see and recognise them which is a type of promotion. The internet is a big element of how photography is used in the music industry. It is more active than other industries such as fashion because now music is based a lot more on the internet and other modern technology and it is also a massive way to promote a band as information can be shared all over the world via the internet. Rukes Kevin Cummins is a music photographer. He tends to photograph in monochrome and you could find his work all over the mass media, for example newspapers, magazines, the internet or even album covers.
  5. 5. Sports Industry Photography is used in the sports industry in the mass media. Examples of where photography is used in this industry include; Magazines/Newspapers – Magazines like top gear and newspapers use photography for different ways in the sports industry. Magazines use it to promote different sportsmen whereas newspapers use photos to inform the public and give them information and stories using pictures to help. This is also used in magazines however magazines promote certain things whereas newspapers don’t. Sports/Match programmes – When attending a football game, for example, there are match programmes that you can purchase which feature many different photos of the players and management team. These are used to give information to the audience and tell them things like the latest news within the club, this type of media is less likely to promote using photography. DVD Covers – This is used to illustrate what the DVD is. For example, if you buy a Top Gear DVD, their logo and an image of a car or even the presenters will be displayed because then if someone walked into a shop they would notice certain elements on the cover which will then tell them that it is a Top Gear DVD. Sports shops – Sports shops usually use photos to decorate the store and promote their products. They usually do this by using a sports personality like David Beckham which gives them more chance of the target audience noticing the poster promoting the product. Internet – the internet is used for all the reasons above; photos are used to tell news, advertise and uses social networking websites too. This is an example of photography used in newspapers to illustrate the news, photographers like Ian Walton would take for newspapers. This photograph was taken by Neil Leifer. It is used in this magazine however the photo could also be used on other media like DVD covers, the internet or even billboards to promote the boxers. The photographer has taken this photograph at eye-level which appeals to the target audience because this is how they would see the event in real life.
  6. 6. Photo journalism Photo journalism is a type of journalism that documents and shows historical and current events happening all around the world. Its used in media like magazines and newspapers because this is where news is broadcasted. Photos like these can also be seen on media like the television on a news programme to give the audience real life documentation of events that have happened or are happening. These photographs are all example of photo journalism taken by photographers Dorothea Lang Robert Capa and W. Eugene Smith.
  7. 7. Fine Art Photography This type is photography taken from the photographers point of view. They can imagine their own photograph and recreate it to make it aesthetically pleasing. There is sometimes a meaning behind fine art photography which makes this type of photography interesting because people can see in imagine in many different ways. Photographers of this industry do not cater to briefs and do work for other companies in the media, they exhibit their work in a gallery. The photographs on the right are images taken by Scott Mead. Many of his works are displayed in galleries.