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Questions for interview


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Questions for interview

  1. 1. What do you think is a fair work life balance in order to be successful in college as well? During the academic year all students may work a maximum of twenty hours per week. Do you think this is a fair amount? In your own place of work, do they expect you to work more than the maximum you should? Do you think you would achieve better at college if you didn’t have to work? This is Georgia Braidwood for E6 news and I’m reporting on students opinions on a healthy work and college life balance. Most colleges suggest 20 hours is the maximum amount that students should work per week, although many students work in excess of this amount. I wanted to find out students opinions on their own experience. *AUDIO* It would appear that many students work as much as they can, reports suggest that it does impact achievement and grades in college although some students can in fact handle working more hours and still maintain their grades in college it would still be wise to follow recommended limits. This has been Georgia Braidwood reporting for E6 Radio.