Primary research analysis


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Primary research analysis

  1. 1. Primary Research Analysis A method of primary research that I conducted was a survey. I created a survey with survey monkey to find out what my target audience are interested in when it comes to fashion magazines. I then set up a group on Facebook where I added people that fit my niche market and asked them to complete my survey. I am now going to analyse the results. The first question I asked was; ‘If you were to buy a fashion magazine from a news stand, which one would you pick? (In terms of content, layout, articles etc.)’ Out of 17 responses, the most popular answers were Elle, Vogue and GQ, each with 4 responses. This means that I will look more at these magazines to use conventions in my own magazine that are used in these particular ones. Nobody said they would pick Nylon, Marie Clare, Harper’s Bazaar or Grazia therefore I won’t look any further into these magazines for any ideas or inspiration. I then informed my audience that typical fashion magazines follow a certain colour scheme; normally black, white and one other colour. I asked the audience which colour they would choose. 6 people chose red, this was the most popular. The next popular colour was orange, and 2 people chose blue, yellow, green and purple. This means that I will use red as the other bold colour as the majority of my target audience said this colour. This question helped because I needed to know which colour was most popular therefore my product would appeal to my niche market. The next question I asked was to do with the masthead. I asked if they prefer the title of the magazine displayed at the top of the page like other typical magazines. All 17 people responded with a yes. This means that I will follow the typical conventions of magazines when it comes to the masthead and won’t go against any conventions by placing the title of the magazine in a different place. Georgia Braidwood
  2. 2. I then asked a question about what my audience would like to see and read about in a fashion magazine. The most popular result was Clothing. I will include more than one subject within my magazine therefore I will mention the most popular. These were clothing, high street fashion, fashion trends, Celebrities/models and interviews with people related to the fashion industry. Because these proved the most popular, I will include them because I know my target market will then be interested in my product. My final question was about adverts. I asked which selection of products they would like to see advertised in my magazine. The majority picked Makeup. This means I will advertise makeup within my magazine because it is the most popular. The least popular were bags and jewellery therefore I won’t feature an advert for these in my magazine. Georgia Braidwood