P3 blockbuster task


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P3 blockbuster task

  1. 1. Task 3: The Hollywood Blockbuster Aaron Paul
  2. 2. Starring on WWEhttp://youtu.be/8UEu0lwXfc A WWE is a wrestling programme appealing to males and sometimes females, from children to adults but is dominated by men. It features fights between wrestlers who the audience get to know. I think Need For Speed was promoted through WWE because the demographic for WWE is mainly males, which is the same for the film. Males enjoy conventions within the film like the cars, fights and the female representation rather than females do.
  3. 3. Starring on The Graham Norton Show http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03w xt98The Graham Norton Show is a British comedy chat show broadcast on BBC One in the United Kingdom. The Graham Norton show has a wide target audience, both males and females. The shows target audience are teenagers to adults. This is because the show features a range of different celebrities that appeal to all kinds of ages. The show broadcasts on Friday nights and is shown on BBC one, this is a main channel that everybody has access to on TV therefore it is very popular, and as a result makes The Graham Norton Show a successful talk show as it has a popular time slot on a Friday night. I think it was a good idea to feature Aaron Paul on The Graham Norton Show because there is a wide audience that the show appeals to. Star Theory is also introduced here because women watch the show and will be appealed to Aaron Paul. Breaking
  4. 4. Discussion I think the best form of promotion for the film was on The Graham Norton Show because there is a wider audience demographic of people that watch the show rather than WWE. The Graham Norton Show is also a talk show rather than WWE which is just about wrestling. This means that Aaron Paul can talk about his career and his role in the film to promote the film ‘Need For Speed’ further. In my opinion, I think Aaron Paul was the best actor from the movie to promote the film, as opposed to Dominic Cooper and Michael Keaton. This is because he is well known as his role as Jesse Pinkman in the hit series ‘Breaking Bad’. Which has recently become more and more popular worldwide.