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Earlier today, I went to interview the lead singer of indie band ‘The Pretty Reckless’, Lily Ware, and
caught up with her ...
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Interview questions


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Interview questions

  1. 1. Earlier today, I went to interview the lead singer of indie band ‘The Pretty Reckless’, Lily Ware, and caught up with her with an interview about performing, their new album, and her life before her music career. 1. Hi Lily! Thanks for agreeing to meet with us today.. Hey! No problem, I love reading ‘M’ anyway. I’m a big fan! 2. So there has been recent festival announcements, The Pretty Reckless have been announced for Reading and Leeds festival again this year. Do you prefer gigs or festivals to perform at? I prefer festivals because the audience are way more insane. There are like thousands of people there, all completely not sober and having such a mint time dancing and singing along. I enjoy gigs too because the fans are there obviously, and it gives me chance to meet them afterwards too and get to know some of the fans that have been at almost all of my tours. 3. What’s been your favourite festival throughout your career? I’d say Leeds definitely. The vibe is so buzzing and you get to chill out with all the other bands though out the weekend as well. There is such a difference between Leeds and somewhere like V Festival because Leeds is constant. There’s always something going on through the night as well, it’s like it never ends. 4. What has been your favourite album to record? Our last album was so much fun to record. I think it’s because there was no pressure and the songs just came to us as the band. It just flowed and pieced together by itself. We flew over to LA to record it which was different for us all, were all used to England. We met a few people in the studios as well like Beyonce and Jay Z. They’re really great people, so down to earth. 5. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? We’ve only been on the scene for a few years to definitely still in the music industry, hopefully. You never know what might happen. 6. Who is your inspiration when you’re writing your songs? I listened to The Stone Roses, The Smiths and Queen a lot growing up so they’re definitely my musical influences. My biggest ambition is to become as successful as them, I just think they’re all musical geniuses. 7. Before you started your music career, what job(s) did you have? Since I was little I’ve always wanted to write and play music, so at 16 I got a job at HMV in my hometown. It was the closest I could get to music at the time. (Laughs) 8. Where is your favourite place to perform? I love going back to my hometown [Manchester]. It’s always nice to go back and a lot of our family and friends can come along to the gigs and watch us perform. It’s definitely my favourite place to perform when we’re on tours. 9. And finally, your new album, ‘Conditions’ is coming out next month. What was your favourite song to record? ‘Love Lost’ was probably my personal favourite to record, it’s the first single to be released as well which is exciting. I’m not giving much away because I want it to be a surprise.