Ig4 evaluation


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Ig4 evaluation

  1. 1. IG4 Evaluation For my final major project in IG4, I decided to create a fashion magazine. I’m going to analyse and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the planning and production process of my product. When thinking about the technical quality of my magazine, I think the images used were clear and of a good quality which helped make it look professional and just like ones you would find in other typical fashion magazines. I changed the layout of my magazine from the plan slightly. Instead of having the barcode at the top beneath the masthead, I placed it in the bottom right corner because I thought it filled empty space and looked more professional placed there. I also decided to not add as many articles to the cover because it looked too over bearing and crowded. I added the articles to the left hand side of the page because this is done in other high-end fashion magazines and I wanted to make it look as real to one as possible. I think the layout and composition of my magazine was effective in the end after changing it around to see which looked the most professional. I also changed the layout and composition of my contents page drastically. After doing more research for ideas of contents page, I found that using a picture as the background looked more effective as its eye catching and something for the target audience to look at. I still kept the page numbers and articles in the same place on the page however I added a transparent box to make it more noticeable and easier for the audience to read. I wouldn’t change anything about the contents page of my magazine as I already changed a lot about it from the layout design. I completely changed the layout and composition on my double page spread too. I found that the design I had didn’t suit one for a fashion magazine and it would look more professional if I used an image covering one page and the text on the other. I completed this page first out of all three, and found that this was the easiest to do. If I could change anything about this page, I’d change the composition of the writing on the left page and maybe the font to make it suit the mise-en-scene of the magazine. In terms of production skills, I have further developed my skills on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator when editing my product. I learned new skills to make my magazine look more effective and professional. I used my editing skills I already had and developed them further by adding new effects to my pictures. I also learned how to use the manual mode on the cameras therefore I was able to change the settings depending on the environment I was in, which made my pictures a high quality. My product doesn’t match my original intentions. This is because when starting to create my magazine, I thought that other compositions suited better and different layouts were used in fashion magazines. I think if I stuck to the original plan for my product, it wouldn’t be to the best of my ability and wouldn’t look like a typical fashion magazine. My front cover looks most like how I planned however I changed the composition slightly after experimenting with what looked best and most professional. In terms of my final product, I think the outcome was successful as I worked to the best of my ability set myself deadlines during the process to manage my time effectively. From my ideas generation task to the production of my magazine, I think I managed my time well as I
  2. 2. set myself things to do outside of lesson time. I worked through the pre-production process quite quickly which gave me more time to create my product and to make it as high quality as I could with as much time as possible. After I finished my product fully, I created a closed facebook group and asked people that fit my target audience to comment and discuss my magazine in terms of quality and things I could have improved. I got positive feedback on my product as a whole which means it meets the needs of the target audience. Nobody mentioned anything I could have added or improved to make my magazine better therefore I feel like my magazine is high quality, fits the needs of the target audience, and looks like a professional fashion magazine that you would see on a news stand. If I were to do this final major project again, I’d spend more time on taking pictures so I have a lot to choose from. I would also make more time for the editing process to make the images and composition as precise as possible. I think my project worked well and I am happy with the outcome.