This is an image of the band “The
Lumineers” at a gig for their UK
Album release week in London.
The Photograph has been t...
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Analysis of contemporary music photographer


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Analysis of contemporary music photographer

  1. 1. This is an image of the band “The Lumineers” at a gig for their UK Album release week in London. The Photograph has been taken in landscape and it suits the genre of music the band are (indie/folk). The photo is monochrome which makes it suit the music genre of the band. The quality of the picture isn’t very clear. The out of focus could be because there was no tripod and camera shake has had some part of the soft edges. If the photographer was in a busy, crowded area this may explain the lack of quality as it could have merely been a quick ‘point and shoot’. I think this photograph can be interpreted as a candid photograph because it was taken during activity however the band knew there were pictures being taken. This photo has a high contrast and only highlights one member of the band in the background. This creates framing as the other band members create a frame in order to focus on the one member on the drums. Depth of field is also used because the two members on either side are blurred out to focus on the drummer. The image has an interesting composition. Three band members are included in the photo; however only one member is seen in the background instead of the foreground which makes the photograph unique as usually in a picture, the main element is usually seen in the foreground of the photo. This doesn’t use leading lines however the concept has been used as the viewer looks from the front to the background of the picture. The technique frame has been used to display the drummer in high definition compared to the mise-en-scene. The main subject is the most obvious element within the photo because of the top lighting. When editing the photo, the photographer has emphasized and highlighted the lights above the drummer, giving the illusion that the picture has come to life. The photographer has played on depth of field. Instead of the nearest objects having a sharp focus, instead the nearest objects in the foreground are out of focus and the furthest have a sharp focus. In terms of this technique, the photographer has used a large depth of field which makes the drummer stand out more in the photograph. In my opinion, I think this photograph has been used as a type of promotion for the band. This is because it looks like it would appear in a magazine as part of a featured article about them or it looks as if it would even be used as an album cover. Allister Ann decided to use the angle of view to appeal to the target audience. This is because the photographer has taken the photo from the audience’s point of view. This appeals to the target audience because this is how they would see the band in real life at a gig and ultimately makes them think they are there and the photograph has come to life. To conclude my analysis of the photograph, I think this is a very effective photo because it uses so many great hidden techniques and appeals to the target audience in many ways. The image doesn’t tell a story however I think the photographer was trying to get a message across. I think they were trying to tell everyone that they think the drummer of not only this band, but most other bands, don’t get enough recognition. They have done this by blurring the other band members out of the picture in low-key-lighting and left the drummer in high-key-lighting. Allister Ann – The Lumineers UK Album Release Week