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Artist research fixed

  1. 1. Artist Research HARD-FI
  2. 2.  Hard-Fi are an English alternative rock band from Staines, Surrey. They formed in 2003 and consist of 4 full times member, with the lead singer being Richard Archer. Archers distinctive voice plays a key element as it separate Hard-Fi from other alternative rock bands. Hard-Fi achieved chart success with their third single “Hard to beat” which was then followed by other successful singles such as “Cash Machine” and “Living For The Weekend”.Bio
  3. 3.  Debut album “Stars of CCTV” was released on July 4th 2005. NME called it album of the year and it was nominated for the Mercury Prize and two Brit Awards. Stars of CCTV eventually reached number one six months later until January 22nd 2006.Bio
  4. 4.  Stars of CCTV was released on the 4th July 2005. The Record Label was Necessary/Atlantic and Warner Music UK. Its highest point in the UK album charts was #1, taking about 6 months to get there mainly due to the proceeding single “Cash Machine”. Overall reviews were good, on the website Metacritic is received a 74 /100 and NME described it as “Album of the year”Record History – Stars of CCTV
  5. 5.  Once Upon a Time in the West was released on September 3rd 2007. It was also released on the record label “Necessary/Atlantic and Warner Music UK. Once Upon a Time in the West went to #1 in the UK album Charts in the first week, much quicker than Stars of CCTV. In general Good reviews, only received 70/100 on Metacritic, 4 less than Stars of CCTV.Once Upon a Time in the West
  6. 6.  Killer Sounds was the third studio album by Hard-Fi. Killer Sounds was released on 19th August in 2011 Necessary/Atlantic and Warner Music UK was also the record label. Killer sounds was less well received and only reached 7th on the UK album charts.Killer Sounds
  7. 7.  As you can see the first two albums are very similar, and if you refer the band name you would know they are by the same band.Discography
  8. 8.  However the last album artwork does not follow this theme. This may be to represent a different style of music to the two previous albums and the band are trying to reinvent themselves.Discography
  9. 9.  Hard-Fi’s music style is a mix of alt rock, post punk, indie and a Clash style of punk rock. Richard Archer has citied their influenced as dance and soul music, other inspiration comes from the genres such as ska. Music styles varied from album to album, Stars of CCTV had very raw sounds along with loud guitars. However in Once Upon a Time in the West there was a lot more orchestration.Music Style/Influenced by?
  10. 10.  Hard-Fi wanted to be different to other bands by relating there music to their own lives. Hard-Fi’s lyrics are mostly based on a working class life, as seen in songs such as “Suburban Knights” – “those bills keep dropping through my door” and “Living for the Weekend” – “ive been working the week – im tired”Music Style/Influenced By
  11. 11.  I believe Hard-Fi represent the chose genre well, they are an Alternative Rock band which first went commercially successful around 2005. This means there fan base will be across generations, for example, if a 25 year old fan enjoyed Stars of CCTV when it was first released, they will be 32-33 now. Teenagers are also fans who have grown up listening to Hard-FiChosen Genre
  12. 12.  Hard-Fi’s weekly pocast – “Hard-Fi: Rocking the City” received critical acclaimed as it was nominated for Best Podcast in 2007. Here is an example of the Podcast.PodCast
  13. 13.  Hard-Fi’s members come from a working class area in surrey and are proud if their roots, therefore they like to represent working class lives in their lyrics. You also get the impression that Hard-Fi have a genuine love for Music and do not care about Fame as they have played secret, sold out gigs in the past.Attitude/Image