Advert deconstruction 1


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Advert deconstruction 1

  1. 1. ColdplayAdvert Deconstruction
  2. 2.  The first thing you notice is that the album is split in to two parts, the top and the bottom. The top part contains one of Andrew Goodwins key features as it has an image of the band. Although it is not a close up it meets the demands of the record label and every band member is clearly visible, therefore it meets the demands on the record label.Image
  3. 3.  This image allows the fans to instantly recognize the band which in turn makes them interested in the advert.
  4. 4.  The bottom half of the album is black with white writing upon it. The writing is in white so it stands out from the black background and is immediately obvious to the audience. The white writing says the band name ‘Coldplay’ and album name ‘X &Y’ in the largest writing as these are the most important things.Bottom Half
  5. 5.  It also says in a less bold font, the release date of the album. This is something I would like to incorporate on my advert as it immediately allows the audience to know when the album is released so they don’t need to do further research into it. To the left is a image of the album. This also allows the audience to know what the album looks like. This is also something I would like to incorporate.
  6. 6.  All of these factors make it very easy for the audience as they know what the album looks like so they know what they’re looking for and the exact date it is released.
  7. 7.  However if someone did want to do further research the band website is written in a small font beneath. This will allow people who are not huge fans of Coldplay to make up their mind if they will buy the album or not. The final piece on information on the advert is the record label, EMI. This will also help people know if they will like the album if they know they like other music produced by EMI.
  8. 8.  I believe genre is shown here as the band are all wearing black, this is often associated with ‘attitude’ which goes hand in hand with many different types of rock bands such as Alt rock bands. The band are also surrounded by wires and leads which one can assume are linked to electric guitars, amplifies and key boards etc which are all instruments associated with alternative rock bands. These both connote how branding and genre are shown without physically telling you.Genre and Branding