Gotomeeting vs Webex: Comprehensive Analysis


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Read comprehensive analysis between Gotomeeting vs Webex.

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Gotomeeting vs Webex: Comprehensive Analysis

  1. 1. GoToMeeting OR Webex Which one is a better option for you?
  2. 2. Meeting Capacity 15 in basic plan 8 in basic Plan and to have more participants you need to upgrade
  3. 3. Scheduling
  4. 4. Very easy meetingscheduler. All you needto include is a meetingname, date, and time.
  5. 5. 1-Click SchedulingThe other scheduling option is the 1-click "Meet Now." Fromhere you open the meeting and invite users (or forward theinvitation at will).
  6. 6. Webex interface for scheduling a meeting
  7. 7. One-Click SchedulingAnd, as with GoToMeeting Webex also provides one-clickmeetings, ideal for last-minute conferencing.
  8. 8. Control Granting
  9. 9. In GotoMeetingGive control of the meetingto anybody in attendance.They can share theirdesktop and documentsusing the same controls asthe meeting organizer.You can also take controlof their desktop to providesupport, or do a productwalk-through. See this Screen
  10. 10. Webex MeetingCenter also allowsyou to Sharedesktop and grantcontrol to otherparticipants of themeeting. See this Screen
  11. 11. Audio Conferencing
  12. 12. Use VoIP or conferencecall number or both
  13. 13. Impressive AudioConferencingGoToMeeting supportsboth VoIP and telephonecall-ins. Its the onlyoption to bundle a toll-free number. As you cansee, it also supportsinternational numbers.
  14. 14. Use Your Phone or Computer
  15. 15. Usability
  16. 16. Simplest Control PanelAmongst CompetitorsProvides easy access to allthe features. Saving you ontime and increasingproductivity
  17. 17. Tabbed Interface – operates fully in your web browser andprovides a very beautiful and clean interface
  18. 18. Video Quality
  19. 19. GoToMeetings new HD Faces brings best-in-class video conferencing to onlinemeetings.
  20. 20. Nice video quality, the above full screen screenshotlooks impressive
  21. 21. Meeting RecordingBoth GoToMeeting & Webex provide Meeting Recording Feature.
  22. 22. Pricing $19 (standardPricing version)/$49 (upgraded $49/mo version)Free Trial Period Yes – 14 days Yes – 30 Days free. Better Option
  23. 23. Still not sure?Visit: