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Online grammar checkers


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A Powerpoint presentation on Grammarly

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Online grammar checkers

  1. 1. Grammarly: An Online Grammar Checker Instructional Tool Review George Shamshayooadeh
  2. 2. Institutional Context Immigrant and Generation 1.5 Students placed into (Spanish dominant & English dominant speakers):1. Developmental English Composition Class2. Freshman English Composition Class Writing and Grammar issues that need to be addressed
  3. 3. Grammar: The Sticky Issue University-Wide Assessment – Students’ performance in grammar, punctuation, and style lagging Needs to be addressed, but many instructors don’t like to teach it – “the non-interventionist approach” Instructor feedback on student papers has had mixed results at best Is time-consuming and uninteresting to many students and some teachers Common understanding of grammar as a set of prescriptive rules at the sentence level
  4. 4. New Approach to GrammarInstruction Teaching grammatical issues in context (textual approach) “Grammar is not unidimensional and meaningless; it embodies the three dimensions of morphosyntax (form), semantics (meaning), and pragmatics (use).” (Larsen-Freeman 2) Teaching Standard English Grammar (SEG) should be sold to students as learning an important language style/register that they would add to their linguistic repertoire and marketability
  5. 5. Sample Student Text
  6. 6. Plagiarism
  7. 7. Summary (Report)
  8. 8. Final Analysis Provides students with instant feedback/suggestions to edit their papers Flexible and available anytime/anywhere Improves the final presentation of student papers It has its limitations as a software though (inform students about its limitations)For Instructors: Frees teacher’s time to focus on the rhetorical and content-related issues of writing (global issues)
  9. 9. Free Grammarly Resources Grammarly Handbook A virtual grammar handbook that describes various grammatical rules and offers examples of correct and incorrect use. The rules are broken down into different categories that make the site user-friendly. It also shares ideas on academic writing, composition, style, and editing. Grammarly Answers Grammarly Answers is a free service where users can ask and answer any question related to English grammar and writing. Any person can ask for help there and receive an answer. Additionally, users can try to answer questions themselves and improve their English through explaining concepts to others.