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Advertisement 2018 Program Priorities

  1. The 2018 Road to a Healthy Democracy At we believe that trusted information, education and civic participation are the pillars of a healthy democracy. We are dedicated to using technology to radically improve all three as rapidly as possible in America and beyond. Every election cycle is bitterly fought. Massive amounts of money pour into campaigns often succeeding in causing people to vote against their self-interests or not vote at all. Money is often directed at specific campaigns or issues, while little attention is cast upon long-term organizing infrastructure for working families and the impoverished in America. In 2017 we designed and launched, a privacy-protected, ad-free social network designed to empower people through sustained, meaningful civic action. Starting with an open-source software platform, we integrated tools which automate the collection of civic actions at the local, state, national and international level and then carefully distribute them to our subscribers based upon their issue preference and geography. We also funded the implementation of group tools, which allow advocacy organizations to use our privacy-protected platform for their constituents. “It is a great pleasure to welcome It’s a wonderful idea, with great promise to provide a platform for meaningful civic action without the severely distorting interference of concentrated power, private or state. is insulated from the forces that have been so destructive of functioning democracy and is readily available for the kinds of constructive use that are so badly needed today.” –Professor Noam Chomsky, December, 2017 Help us support our 2018 goals by donating at Invest in Planned 2018 Innovation SmartALEC/Consensus $27,000 NewsTrust $24,000 Virtual TownWorks $24,000 Mobile Platform $24,000 Core $48,000 This feature provides a guided social mechanism for subscribers committed to greater participation in civics and democracy through consensus-building and model law/policy. We will partner with ProPublica, Politifact and other emerging services to provide a trust-rating overlay to news shared on This will radically improve the participatory relationship between elected officials and elected bodies and their constituents by creating private virtual townhalls. This will provide key civ. works features in a new mobile app for Apple and Android users. This funds our secure cloud hosting and allows us to make core improvements to the civ. works platform.
  2. Throughout 2018 we will continue to focus on our mission of increasing civic participation. To support our mission, we will: • Provide long-term infrastructure to support the distribution of trusted news. • Acquire or create readily accessible civic education media. • Use gamification and behavioral reinforcement to sustain meaningful engagement. We expect to become economically viable by growing our monthly recurring paid subscription base and hire a small core team as our recurring revenue grows with our base. We are turning words into action. Take a growing, diverse community, identify common values and facilitate people working together on societal outcomes important for all—regardless of political “side.” Support the dialogue with trust- rated news and information, and support the most popular solutions with adaptable model law and policy to support either the legislative process or a citizen-led ballot initiative. Together we will strengthen democracy through trusted information, education and engagement using a 21st Century “Townsquare” approach. We believe the platform provides vital, long-term organizing infrastructure for all people who aspire toward opportunity, justice and equality for this and future generations. A Look Toward the Future of Civic Engagement 2017: Together, We Launched aggregates hundreds of civic action opportunities at the local, state and national level to our subscribers from organizations such as: Civic Works began operations as an IRS approved 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to civic engagement with a small volunteer team. We completed the initial design and a phased- implementation approach for the civ. works platform. We began crowdfunding efforts. We built software to automatically collect civic actions from sources such as Activism Engine and Resistance Calendar conforming to the Open Supporter Data Interface (OSDI). We integrated RSS news delivery from trusted sources (The New York Times, The Guardian, Fair Observer and ProPublica). We successfully integrated civic action opportunities into the platform. 1,000 subscriber milestone. We are currently working on an integration of model law and policy from the Public Leadership Institute. We successfully launched the social application for